Markbacken weapon location

Please, for the love of God someone at least give me a hint. I have the two collectibles I just cannot find the weapon. Searched on and off for the last few weeks. Last night for about 8 hours.

Edit: I was wrong about the loc, so I’m removing the incorrect info. @Aesyle is right as usual.


It’s the blue 3crown m/49 at roughly (957, -36).

@Flick You sure that the weapon is at the pointed loc? Since at that area, there is 2nd weapon to be picked up.

From the image you provided, just South of player loc is small blue kiosk with some army crates around it. If you use those crates to jump to the kiosk’s roof, there’s dead solider on top of it and next to him, is m/49. Can’t remember it’s quality but probably 2* or 3*. (That solider is part of the story of Scrap Metal side mission.)
That m/49 should be the counted weapon loot in that area.

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I know that building! Many thanks good Sir

(Funnily enough, neither of us are sir.)


Thank you very helpful!

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