Marker to show slain robots

I think we could do with having some sort of marker on the machines we kill so we can locate them to loot. If you kill them and they just drop like they’re sitting no problems in finding them, but if you kill them and they drop on their side especially in wooded/real grassy area it’s pretty hard to find them to loot them, don’t know how much stuff I’ve missed out on by not being able to locate these machines.


That’s a good idea. Like you said, I’ve also numerous times lost track of where enemies (especially Seekers) went down, often into thick underbrush. If not a map marker, then at least some kind of way to highlight unlooted machines on the ground.


I agree, but instead of a marker have the dead machines sparks, smoke and lights more visible “as I wouldn’t want to lose the game immersion with to much visual indicators”, then the sparks, smoke and lights go completely out when looted, and/or indicate them when zoomed fully in on the map, or a loot map overlay option.


I actually would prefer not to have markers! I suppose if they are included in the POI set then the player can toggle them off. I like a minimalist HUD so toggle off everything I can. Those little grabby hand icons sent me nuts until I found I could switch them off. Fewer icons for me helps the immersion and I get a fun new game within a game which is “hunt the doggie wrecks” :smiley:

Use the object penetrating scanner on your scope. It reveals ALL enemies within range through all terrain and brush, including downed enemies.

The other option is to fight them at night. They leave lights on when they die so are easy to spot in the long grass.

Oh yeah, I’ve noticed that the lights are turned off when you loot all items from an enemy. That’s a kind of cool indicator, though Seekers don’t have any lights after they go down.

I lot of the time when I destroy a machine especially hunters and harvesters they end up 15-30 yards away from where I destroyed them. I have had them end up in water that was to deep to get to them. I do like the marker idea though.

Their ragdolls will slide down slopes, often quite a long way. If you kill a runner while he’s charging you he will fly past for some distance. I had one doggie rush me next to the coast (I was hiding low down on the rocks and he leapt off the top), I hit him in the face point blank with a shotgun and killed him mid-leap and he went sailing over my head and into the sea. One of those kills you so wished you were recording when it happened.

I found out tonight that if you go for the Overkill achievement by destroying a seeker with the M49, then there’s nothing salvageable on the remains. I killed three this way to check and they were all empty of loot. I think that’s a nice touch by the devs if its deliberate.

I was attacked by five hunters in Hagaboda and ran for cover in a shed close to the waterline. I was surrounded by then, but a tough fight later I went outside to claim my loot. Three were gone and I was a bit puzzled. So I jumped into the water, and there they was. Managed to loot two of them underwater, before I was gently returned to the surface. Took a few attempts, though.

I think it is cool that you might loose your chance to loot your prey if it is in motion or stumbles into the water during the kill.

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