Marking skill is not working normally anymore and exp magnus ( for console to fix)

marking skill was used to allow players to see enemies through terrain and walls. but now i cant see it. is it because the developers was trying to fix the game crashes? for consoles because it crashes kinda alot.
because what i think its happening is the enemys become not existing if terrain is blocking my vision. and that makes experimental magnus not useful if player trying to kill something behind a wall or an building.

not only that if you guys remember there was an topic there was a bug happening for robots that they spawn infront of the player. i figured out what was happening with that.
the game is not reading correctly if its terrain or not.

its 1 actual bug that can be fixed. marking can be fixed. but experimental magnus i dont think it can be fixed because xbox players will be struggling with crashes.

device: xbox one

host client: it has happened in solo host but multiplayer could not be a bug.

how it happens: its easy standing behind the terrain to make enemys not existing. you need marking skills to actually see it happen.

it should be easy to fix it.

I never used that skill.
No idea, how it worked or works.
My mate used it sometimes in coop. Every target he marked was able to be seen by me.

But in general we sticked together in battles, maybe just attacked from different angles.

I don’t know to which distance it works or if terrain blocks the marking.

This skill is general intended to be used in coop. Marked targets get additional damage by other players. I don’t lasts long and it’s not for tracking enemies. It’s just for concentrating fire on one common enemy which gives the players a bonus if using it.

For me it sounds like it works as intended.
If you don’t see a target, you cannot concentrate fire on it. And it don’t lasts long enough to hide and track it. (15 seconds?)

If you like to track an enemy behind a wall to be able to shoot at it with experimental magnus, use a scope with vision module.

seems like mutliplayer is normal but i mostly do solo because less game crashes. and the recoil is mental with experimental magnus so i had to have iron sights.

i have 30 secoonds and damage buff 10% for marking. it has to be a bug because when i hide behind a house the marking starts flickering a little bit and then marking is gone. if i stop hiding and then look at it the marking is back. when 30 secs have been passed the marked red color will fade out, not flickering.

Why does this have to be a bug? Maybe this is the way it was intended to work, and it didn’t work properly before?

Since when does this happen in your eyes?
Last update or later?

Is it even possible to change skills like this without an update? I don’t think so.

well ill test to see if its still happening after 4 hours. and im going to edit this if its still happening.

it sopposed to allow players to see enemys through terrain when its marked why would they nerf something that alot people don’t use? like they should nerf salvage and mechanic. like salvage is overpowered skill that double ammount of ammo you get? like cmon what else theyre going to nerf where is not going to impact our gameplay.

I’d say it isn’t supposed to do this.

The describtion of the skill says:

Enemy Marking: Unlocks the ability to spot enemies using your binoculars. Spotting enemies will highlight them to all nearby players for a short period of time.
Designated Target: Enemies marked using your binoculars take additional damage.

I’d say it just highlights spotted enemies you currently are able to see.

Otherwise the highlighting would even be seeable if you mark a machine on top of a command bunker, while the other players are inside the bunker and they still could see it through the whole mountain. (as low range example)

If the highlighting doesn’t have a max seeable range (I don’t know) you would even be able to highlight machines for other players who are kilometers away… Which could be used to beat some shooting distance records.

I’ve had this skill for a long time:
It allow you to mark Robots for 15/30sec (each) it can’t be refreshed, it needs to time out before it can be re-applied.
The highlight will be a red outline, which can be seen trough walls, doors, houses, rocks and any other world objects and terrain itself

Here is a Video Recording of how Markings works on PC (and have done since i started)

I use a OPV optic for my Experimental Magnus, that way i can see trough objects

However there have been some Cases where i could not mark Machines with highlight:

  • Hunters Walking in place in a Multiplayer game where I’m guest, they can’t be destroyed and are only visible to me, if shot at the other players will see you shoot at noting.

  • Tanks that seemingly took no Damage to weapons nor anywhere and when i looked at it with my binoculars despite firing magazines of .50 BMG at it’s weapons, it’s status were still 100% when i looked at it, and noticed i could not mark it.
    Though my friend managed to destroy it
    (but ill will have no loot for you and it still were showed on Map, when we left it for a Fnix Base away, i noticed after we had razed the base that the wreaked Tank had moved on the map, and when i moved toward it we got the “Rival Destroyed by Player” message and when we got to where it had moved to, it was there with loot for me this time)

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ye thats it. thats what is sopposed to do for marking but what im talking about on exp magnus. is that it takes no damage when its not existing. it happened alot when robots took no damage from shrapnel because i fully don’t see them.

(using iron sight)

The effect of the experimental magnus has nothing to do with this skill, a marking on a machine or whether you see a machine or not.

Either the machine is there and doesn’t get hit or the machine isn’t there.

Last point indeed could be related to a bug where machines disappear.
There are some reports that show how some machines just disappear in front of the players.
In the past there was such an issue related to the control points. In a specific radius of them there was some kind of invisible border where machines disappeared/appeared suddenly.

As reported now this happens more randomly now.

I personally didn’t experience it yet, but my idea is, that it could be related to the system load.

Oh?, Well it did take some time to get used to the shrapnel worked.
While it kind of is like a shotgun blast on penetration exit, it just have a drop to it, so you have to aim a’bit higher then where you want to hit.

If you want to get a feel of the drop arc, test it on a thin tree or lamp post so you can have a good view of the spread and drop, when you take a step the side.
also test a upward angle shot and see how far it spreads on far distance, it’s more then you’d expect.

The Damage is pretty good if enough shrapnel hits
as it can take easily take 20-30% of a Fnix Reactor in single 1 shot, before the shield can come up (Base Assault), yeah that is damn wild!
It’s more then even Mjølner (Experimental Hammer), and that have cooldown after a fully charged Lightning strike.

The main shot itself is rather weak… as it can’t 1 shot a Prototype tick <.<;
but it can 1 shot military Tick, but only if it hit it’s metal plate on top, as that triggers the shattering of the bullet.

Also, some penetration shots don’t shoot straight out the other side of an object, shoot a rock and see it out with an angle up, rift or left due to the shape of the rock.

That’s fun to know.
I didn’t get an exp Magnus yet, so does this work on other machines, too? Hit armor and the components behind that get damaged?
Could be good for the reapers face for example!

That is the odd thing, i don’t know how much health a Prototype tick survives with after a direct hit from the Experimental Magnus…
as i have I’ve not grabbed my binoculars and checked… maybe if i come across sole one i can check. But i doubt it is much…

When shooting a Harvester’s arm armor plates (Military+)
the shot damage the armor plates and shrapnel out into the top armor and weak points on top of the harvester.
But not while shooting at the fuel tank rack, you can hear scrapping sound, but the damage is just not there…
as it seems it needs armor plates to not be part of the machine itself for it cause the the shot exit as shrapnel and do actual damage.
So parts that can be shot of machines basically: Plating and Weapons (maybe the additional Canisters on Apocalypse Harvester and Tank)

I did, shoot of the armor plate on a few Runners, but that didn’t seem to explode the fuel tank just behind it… <.<

For the Tank/Reaper
Well there is the legs from the side (which should cause shrapnel to hit the body)
There is also the Knee pads, that could hit the knee weak point

Soviet Machines:
There is no angle to hit a Lynx aside trough a Wolf that deployed it (as sometimes they hide behind the Wolf) or two right next to another
The Wolf itself, well I can only think of the Helmet and shrapneling the Brain inside

It generally seem better to shoot a tree that is in front of the machine you want to shoot (and have the shrapnel spread over the center or mass)

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