Markman trophy again!

Please acknowledge this issue for us ps4 players im locked out of the platinum because of one silly trophy that requires me to kill a machine 300 meters away, i cant do that because enemies dissapear or render out after 247 meters, change or delete the achievement or autopop it for us or fix the render thing to 300m+ people have been talking about this issue since 2019 yet you are not doing anything about it, i tried lots of useless methods to get this achievement and be done with this game. Autopop this thing for at least me if not everyone beside this the game is so glitchy infinite loading screen, character stuck in air, random glitched alike sounds and more… but the most important one is THE MARKSMAN TROPHY you cannot put an unobtainable achievement and expect me to get it. HOPE YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THIS FINALLY :pray:.

You made a post about this subject yesterday. It’s already in the Support and Bug report section.

Love sniping too. Hope there will be a fix for your problem.

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That can’t be true…or is simply wrong!

I’ve been playing since late 2021 and finished this challenge (400m kill for the last part of the challenge) with a (bit) lucky shot over 413m, as the render distance was at 400m that days.

Carni already mentioned that it will come a solution for this challenge, either a higher render distance or a reduced value for the challenge, but it will come.

Just be patient. It will be part of one of the next updates, which don’t come every day or week…

They did…long ago. But since then we didn’t get an update to fix that, yet, because updates regarding an improved stability and performance were more important.

1st: it’s just a challenge. Just a trophy. Nothing game breaking so not important. If you’re just hunting for trophies, you aren’t worth playing this game.
2nd: when they put in this achievement, it was obtainable… And 2 to 3 years later, too. You’re just too late. Don’t blame the devs for you being too late… Or you not following the changes and announcements…

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What does being late have to do with anything mate, you are basically saying let the game die and be terrible since its not new anymore and why would me trophy hunting make me not worth playing the game, do you think before you write or you r just dumb.

Just wait for the update and have the patience to wait for it.

The devs are aware of this issue and will add some changes to enable us to finish this achievement again.
But it was more important for them to first do all necessary improvements to make the game able to be played on 60fps on PC, Xbox Series x and finally ps5.

First read, then write your complaints.

I read and my complains are still the same stop contradicting your own words buddy.

Many people like to complete all trophies, so it is understandable that you and others would like it fixed. The issue is known and they have promised to see what they can do, but there is no date set on when. Let’s hope that they find a solution soon. :coffee:

Of course it is.
But please, at least, there can be an other tone for bringing up those demands. Without lies.

If there’s an issue, then with more details about the used system and so on…

Stay informed, be patient and not just demanding… You know, upper case letters and so on.

:wink: In a perfect world maybe, my friend, but you have to understand that people are getting impatient, we are all human. There was really no harm done, was there? :coffee:

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During Radio Maintenance I destroyed a Harvester over 300 meters away which may mean climbing up high may increase draw distance and/or increase shot distance.

![Generation Zero_20240319062740|690x388](upload://sRojD751cNC4Zws4jLaftAwB8sA.jpeg

PS4 Pro console

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