Marksman Trophy Bug

Aaah yes! Sorry :blush:
I tried with the minimum option (50), and its the same, enemies disappear after 250 meters…

UP! :skull:
We still have one platinum trophy to go.

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I had 3 random players join my game, no communication with them and all i did was continuously hack the firebird from 200- 250, with binoculars skill so you can see the distance. The firebird would disappear to shoot any available enemies. Having other players within your game will have enemies rendering in their positions. I had the binoculars equipped and no shooting when the trophy popped


Did not work. Escaped combat every time I reach 300 yards

Active specialization Hacker
Binoculars equipped as the weapon, do not engage or fire at any enemies. If you have a firebird rival on your map , track it and make your way to the location, stay undetected (if no rival firebird on your map, find a firebird ). Find a decent location to just view and hack the firebird from around 200 to 250metres away from it. After hacking, it should then move away and out of rendering view to attack other enemies. Continue doing this until hopefully the firebird will kill enemies 300+metres from your location. I did create a short video clip but the site will not allow me to upload

They will address this with one of the next updates. Carni said that during one of the last streams.

No, but every single change at a game/software (Update) may cause bugs… The most famous example is Windows…

world we’re the ground is glass-windows and stepping on them could cause cracks :person_cartwheeling:

bugs are not heavy enough to crack windows when walking on them :person_cartwheeling:

Awesome still waiting, none of the hacking methods worked.

Read the Patch notes.
Nothing was mentioned about fixing this.
So, like I said, they will fix it in one of the next updates.

I’m on PS5 but had it drop under confusing circumstances. I had placed a whole bunch of canisters ahead of a Hunter, then a friend shot them, killed the Hunter and the trophy dropped. We we’re both within 50 metres of the whole event.

The method I described previously still works fine. I now have a 1.37 mile kill shot to prove it.:rofl::joy::scream:

So uhh, a month and a half later and no fix.

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A game with, in general, monthly updates, christmas and holidays inbetween and your complaining that there is still no fix for a silly trophy?,

Hi all, i would like to share how i got marksman trophy on PS5.
I wasn’t even focused on getting this trophy so i was completely surprised when it popped up.
What happened was the following i was just trying to move from one place to another when run to a group of enemy’s i did not want to fight them especially that firebird so i hacked the firebird whom then started firing at the other foes and while they where focused on each other i moved past them and out of there range. It seems that the firebird killed one of those foes while i was at a distance of 300 because that’s when to trophy showed up for me.

So if your looking for a workaround to get this trophy then this might work for you.

I hope this might be helpful for some of you out there whom has issues getting this trophy on PS5.

Due to some performance improvements in the past the render distance of machines seems to have been reduced.
About two years ago it was at 400m so that it was possible at a good location.

Improvements to this are in the work.
Carni said in october or november that with one of the next updates this will be fixed, either through changed conditions for the trophy or through other performance improvements that allow to set the render distance up again.

We’ll see.

october, november, :slightly_smiling_face: does anyone know if the Halloween Event is happening this october