Marksman Trophy Bug

I am trying to get the 300 yard kill achievement (eagle eye) and notice the enemies render out of view at 250. This seems to be a recent update to the game. After a few hours I’m all out of ideas - is this thing bugged?

Having the same issue. PS5 tho, but it seems I lucked out. PS4 render seems to be 250~275m. If I find anything out I’ll let ya know

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I finished all DLC and in-game trophies, except Marksman. On PS4 & PS5 the enemies render out at 250 yards making this impossible. Please advise when the next patch update is if the issue is known, so I may come back and grab my platinum

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Moved to other report, one is enough.


Do you have a video btw? Support emailed me back asking for one

Nvm I uploaded one here