Marty Mcfly Abandons His Time Machine in Barn, repair problem ideas

Marty Mcfly Abandons His Time Machine in a barn, for what purpose, repair problems, where’s Marty at, did doc come with him, what kind of repairs are needed to fix the Time Machine, so MANY ???, any thoughts ideas

The DeLorean doesn’t fly itself! So obviously Marty or Doc or both were hiding in the barn when they heard you coming. They then quickly got in the car and ducked down so you couldn’t see them. Once you opened the barn doors they waited till you weren’t looking in the windows and then took off. Lol!

At least it would be nice to be able to use it for traveling back to previous updates (pre-region-revamps).

Think back to the time before the soviets came, or before FNIX built bases or even structures…

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Or pre-game breaking bugs. Lol

Maybe the bugs are just errors in the matrix that came to the game because of Marty mcfly travelled too much through the times.

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the button that gets the Doleran to fly out the barn, if the button command is there, or if you blow up the Doleran, AND then fast-travel away and come back, the Doleran is back, :grinning:, it’s prove of Time Travel in the game

go back to when people walking around normal, shopping for groceries, a guy filling his car with gas, people standing around talking outside stores, people inside restaurants eating food, etc etc etc

some of those un eaten plates in restaurants, food still on plate, what happened, did the family pick up run, was there a Hunter walking the restaurant, was it ticks, runners, what did look like

ever just wanna know the story behind the small details in games, the story behind that abandoned car in front of a gas pump, was the guy pumping gas before running, did he get out alive, did he pre pay before pumping gas

small unimportant details are just exiting 2 explore, were is Marty & Doc, anyway

Until you mentioned it, I didn’t even know the DeLorean was back. Only now you can’t push the button (or at least I can’t).

When I went back there just now, I had one of the biggest fights of my life. The place was crawling with machines. 1 apoc tank, 1 fnix tank, 3 apoc harvesters and 1 fnix harvester. Plus a pile of runners and hunters. I didn’t even know about half of them because of all the trees in the way blocking my sight until the fight started. I’ve never seen so many ticks. Once all the harvesters dropped hunters and they dropped ticks, there must have been 30 or them swarming me at a time. I’ve never run so much in one fight ever! Maybe that’s why Doc and Marty aren’t there. They can’t get back to the car with all the machines there. Hopefully they were watching and know its safe to go back now that I dealt with the machines currently there.

It’s a famous place for those great battles.
Once my two mates and me came there and although we were three, the fight took about half an hour.
Tanks, harvesters and hunters… Plus all the small annoying bots…

When the reaper was just a rumor for those that made it to the island and seen it cabled up.

Or, although it’s been there always (at least in the game, storywise it should have come short after Landfall), imagine traveling to the time before the crater was there…

You could be able to enter the bunker complex and find some cool stuff or even have a mission to rescue some important intel to be able to stop the machines in nowadays.

Wouldn’t that end the game at once, or even before you start to play the game? What part of the game would continue if there was no machines, no one died or is missing, your boat never gets hit by something. You could even go back to the time before you bought the game or the game never was thought of.

I think the time travel car should just stay as a prop in the game with no future actions from it.
Note: you could even time travel to stop from me posting this! :thinking:

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Maybe there could be a new collectable: time/space coordinates

There would just be a few to be able to get to.

And of course the mentioned mission must have to be one that has to fail :crazy_face:

my brain is spinning :crazy_face::person_cartwheeling::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: with all the possibilities

Or worst case scenario is the machines get a hold of the DeLorean and figure out what it does and how it works. They then use it to go back to the day some stupid kids came to shore in a sinking boat and shoot them before they get tough enough to take on the AI. :fearful:

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They already did that and tried to kill us by destroying the boat before we become too dangerous, but failed. :crazy_face: