Mass Tick Explosion

Description: Sometimes, when entering an area where there’s a large number of Ticks on ‘standby’ mode, they just randomly explode, creating a chain reaction

Steps To Reproduce: Unknown.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host.

Players in your game: 1

Xbox model and game version: Xbox One. I think it happened during version 1903375, but am not certain. It happened a while ago and I haven’t been in an area with multiple ‘standby’ Ticks recently. But the video I posted isn’t the only time this has happened.

This is intended game feature and it was 1st introduced in Alpine Unrest DLC, back in November '19.

Idea is, that if you disturb any of the “stand-by” ticks, they all explode off from the surface they are attached to and became active all at once. So, that you have multiple ticks to deal with at once, rather individual ones (if there won’t be chain reaction).

As your video goes, the ticks were killed by the electric box that also exploded once ticks wall detachment explosion happened.

Ah, I see. Well that makes sense I suppose, if you exclude the fact that they explode to exit “Standby” mode.

But what you say here, does it imply it only happens with the Alpine Unrest DLC? Or does it happen with the base game to? Because this happened without any DLCs installed.

There have been “stand-by” ticks in the game since launch day. But all of them have been individual ones. Since November '19, devs have added groups of “stand-by” ticks into the game and at current moment, they are mostly seen in South Coast, on FNIX buildings.

Btw, FNIX Rising DLC only gives you additional missions. All FNIX buildings and ticks on them are part of the free update and also part of the South Coast revamp.

I understand, thank you.

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Since there isn’t a bug with the game, instead misunderstanding with game feature, i’ll lock this topic. :lock: