Massive fps drops and constant lagging

The game has become un-playable for me since the april update.
I used to be able to get 58-66fps and that was on high settings
Now i get a lousy 20fps and that is on Lowest settings!!!
I really hate this game at this time and also hate myself for buying it as it just seems to get worse.

AMD FX8350 4.0Ghz
Radeon Sapphire NITRO+ 580 4GB
Windows 10

I too have noticed some odd anomalies. For the most part, I get a solid frame rate, but then I can experience 5 second bumps when the game suddenly chugs at single digit frame rates. My immediate reaction when I experienced it for the first time was that the game actually had crashed.

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PS4 PRO EVERY UPDATE : I must say tonight was the worst 100 TICKS ?/ serious LAGG ‘’ aswell as serious LAGG in general ,. Over powered tanks hunters no adrenaline, mission bugs , inventory still bugged, I started New Save to see if it solved any BUGS ’ it did not change the bugginess, I won’t be Salty in saying i Have Uninstalled because when it Works its Okay , but when it’s Bad it’s Terrible ._ So Bye For Now , will be doing Fresh Install Next Update :sunglasses: Ah caffeine OK._’’ next day lol ‘’ > > im BACK it’s Too addictive gonna stay away from known Laggy buggy areas ,. :sunglasses: Reinstalled ,

I’ve just turned it off it’s unplayable. Looks as it’s bring shelved until next update. Mine is ps4 pro.
Even turned the supersampling off. Made it worse. :tired_face::uk:

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