Match making sucks and it crashes the game very often


for last couple of times I was trying to connect to a game I get a crash, regardless of what preferred amount of players I set, or the preferred language, I always get connecting to the same host and I experience a crash. It usually takes as much time as the host is playing I guess, and only once hes done I get a chance to connect to a different one, hoping it will not kick me out or do exactly that and crash the game. I strongly believe that ether the match making routine is bad or buggy.


If that happens try to go in to your game and change safehouse (the first one would be the best choice), and then quit to main menu and try to connect to someone.

This method helped me last time.


Appreciate the “community” type of response, thanks dude. would still appreciate devs comment on that.


Watching dev streams and seeing their reactions to some bugs reported on chat I have strange feeling, that they don’t even look at the forum :roll_eyes:


I know at least two Avalanche devs who are on here as often as they can, @Avalanche_knivspark and @Avalanche_Kimchi. The CM’s @Avalanche_Graham and @Avalanche_gipskatt also check in here regularly.

The other devs we’ve seen on the streams work mostly internally, they’re probably members on the forums but they spend most of their time at work. They can’t keep track of everything :wink:

Edit: I forgot to add, the devs are very likely aware of this issue with the crashing matchmaking and it’s most likely being looked into as soon as possible. I can’t say how quickly though, it seems like one of those issues that can be finnicky to get right.