Max render distance only 250m?

So this seems to be a rare bug, since I can only find one post with the same issue dating back nearly a month ago, with the new update. So enemies are visible only at 250m or less, I tested it with rivals and basic enemies alike, and some object like FNIX base will only show up at <100m or so. The bandaid solution I got from that other forum post was to reduce FOV, which I did. Before with max FOV I can only see things up to 200m, and now with the minimum FOV things go up to 250m.

Which system do you play on?
For PC: what are your game settings?

Btw: about 400m draw distance should be normal. At least it once was. My furthest killshot was over about 413m against an apoc runner with my pvg on Himfjäl.

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I’m on pc, with most setting set to ultra except for shadow quality.

Btw: about 400m draw distance should be normal. At least it once was.

Correct. It was. Now it’s much less and e.g. FNIX base on the airport is not visible from the safe house location like it was before…

Looks like they “optimized” something…


Really? It never was for me on PS5.

Sure they did… Maybe they changed it from a general draw distance to an object based one where every class of machine or structure got an own one. :man_shrugging:

@SR_Carni But that’s something that should be communicated. Can you enlighten us?

I’m having a similar issue, i’m at the airport and i’m noticing i cannot see enemy mechs until i’m almost on top of them and its kinda deadly… everything is on High settings. At the buildings just in front of the airport safe house i cannot see the mechs or the base to the left or the mechs at the other end to the right…

PC Steam.
Core i5 7500
32gb ram
Rx580 8gb
SSD Samsung EVO

I’ve actually had things not load in until i was already on top of them.

I just had the same issue tonight playing with a friend. My machine was the host, and he could see the FNIX base from around 200m further than I could. I thought it was normal for the base not to be loading until very close, because I’d seen it that way in single player. We were shocked when we observed the rendering differences on each other’s machines while streaming our different perspectives via Discord.

I adjusted my settings to be the same as his (game, graphics, display), but nothing changed at my end.

He also seemed to be triggering enemies from much farther away, and they’d be invisible to me (and unable to damage me unless they blew up a car next to me) while he’d be in a firefight with them.

It was hilarious when I told him “watch out for the floor which doesn’t render and causes you to fall and get trapped inside the building” as we approached the top of the tower building at the runway, only to find that he could walk around perfectly, while I had to go full “platformer mode” and jump from box to box to get the collectible schematic from the computer under the radio tower. I’ve seen other’s complaining about that floor/roof glitch, so I figured it was normal, but clearly there’s a difference between his installation and mine. I assumed it was an NVIDIA vs AMD thing until I saw PocketYoda says he’s on an RX 580 with the same problem as me with an RTX2080, so that can’t be it.

My setup is:

MB: Asus H370-F
CPU: Intel i5-8600K /w 32GB RAM
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2080 OC (Driver: 546.29)
OS: Windows 10

I’m shocked and dismayed to find out that this issue impacts PC players as well. I figured the “PC Master Race” was immune to this issue. (I use the term only jokingly.) I figured it was limited to consoles.

Different specification consoles are stuck with certain spawn/render/view distances, when it comes to enemies and certain scenery items or structures. And some structures appear to be bugged further, with bad distance or circumstance data that makes them behave extra poorly, like the rooftop you mentioned at the airfield control tower.

I’m on a plain old XB1, long due for an upgrade to a newer specification but I’m a stubborn sentimental cheapskate. Been playing GZ for a bit over a year. Maybe a year and a quarter at this point, actually. Anyway, at some point (April 2023?) the devs hit everybody by surprise (it seemed) with a ‘performance/stability hotfix’… BEFORE that update, which I might have the wrong rough date figured for, I could see and engage targets up to a range of about 470~480m. AFTER that update, and by extension currently, the spawn/render range dropped, drastically, by about HALF. I’ll see things spawn up/render in at about 225m, and if I back away they’ll de-render/de-spawn at about 245m. Like you, I can’t normally access the rooftop at the airfield control tower. BEFORE the update, I could—it was no problem, then.

Around that time I was in a club on XBL, and when I pointed it out to other members they checked on their ends. One of them was on a slightly higher spec XB1S, and one of the others was on the high-end XB Series X. The one on the 1S upgraded soon after to a 1X, but not to a Series type, so we had several data points. Unfortunately, I don’t recall what ranges they came back with over that week or so we spoke of it, but there were definite differences, and not just based on FOV settings. Anyway, I do remember that they ALL stated that roughly 480m was no more, their ranges had ALL been cut by some amounts. Like me on the XB1, the guy on the XB1S would still suffer the airfield control tower roof despawning right out from under the player’s feet. When that guy upgraded to the next higher spec XB1X, the problem with that rooftop stopped, but he did still see some rendering issues. The Series X saw very few rendering issues, supposedly.

Maybe it has more to do with CPU, than GPU? Or more to do with RAM?

For whatever slight ‘improvement’ in terms of performance/stability that hotfix might have brought, I simply cannot stress it enough how much I hate that hotfix and wish it had been rolled back. Bad update! Bad change! Too many negatives to it, for not enough positives! I want my long range shooting back!

tryed getting a picture of the tires only :rofl: but it doesn’t stay long enough to get a picture

i just imagine I’m in the Twilight Zone :slightly_smiling_face: and can still enjoy the game

For a lot of objects with bugged rendering distance/conditions, it really is just that simple; shake your head, laugh, continue playing. The roof of the airfield control tower is a bit more annoying than that, given a certain collection item is up there.

It really would be nice if the devs would figure out the rendering issues and get them sorted out, though. Would do wonders for immersion, NOT having things blink into and out of existence quite so obviously at such short ranges.

As I’ve mentioned, it all started around April 25th~26th, 2023. Or, well, it got this bad at that time.