Maxed health, take more damage now

Ever since I added the 2 more points to get max health at +30%, not only does it take more medkits to heal fully but it sure appears that the robots now do more damage to me. Maybe it is just perception, mine, but did anyone else have the same ??
Having 100 health plus 30% more still show as 100 is bad . How do you know you have more health ? I think robot damage is done based on % not finite amount. I play on PS4 and this sure makes me wish I had not spent the point to add more health. Feed back would be great.

You have 100 health still but 1 heath is worth more now meaning you need more medkits to fill your hp up

It does make a difference in combat as far as being able to take more damage. I’m on ps4 as well and started a new character. I haven’t got the health increase skill yet but I had it on my other character and I don’t recall taking more damage. I lived a bit longer with it and I don’t think the robots would do more damage to nullify the skill. Maybe it seems like you take more damage because you have to use more health packs.

The opposite for me, now it feels like I have less health or am taking more damage. Feel way more squishy and having to use some form of medpack for every in counter with a robot.

That’s odd. Idk what to say. I’ve already got the healing increase skill this time around so once I get the health increase skill I will see if it helps with first aid kit

The 100 that is shown, isn’t actual Health Points. It is percentage of your full health, e.g when you’re full health, you’re at 100%.

Thanks , I know that, not really keen on the format that is what I am saying. Having health packs heal in fixed amounts but your health in percentage is not a great consistent system

I used to get shot by the hunter 50 cal and it would take me down to 20 from full. Now it takes me down to 8 or even 3 health. How is this possible if I have 30% more health. ??

Yeah, that percentage format is really weird. The strange thing in addition is that the first shot you take takes the health down the most, the next shot way less damage and so on. The exponential decrease of bullet damage is punishing. I tend to heal up only to around 50-60 health which is from a medkit conservational point of view the best compromise for me.

Lol, I thought it was just my perception but yeah I had the same thought where some weapons shot at the char do worse damage then without the health perks.

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Thanks for hearing what I was saying. Exactly what you said, the first shot does a huge percentage of damage and then less after that , so weird. Also never heal to fully because the game will punish you for it. Lol I have more health,so now there is a new damage scale applied to you.??? I am good at patterns and that is what is happening

There is “secret” health systen in play. Some times its quite easily noticed.
Example, let apoc runner hit you 1-2 times. 2nd or 3rd shot will put you near death, but leaves just little healt. From that DoT, its easy to notice.
Same goes hunters rifle weapon, last shots make less damage when low in healt. Harder to notice.

Maybe this is system to keep player on edge, and/or help little. So you can survive, and allows time to use first aid kits used.
Its like inverted logarithmic scale on damage what enemies do.

That does give player more tense, to be at 10% or lower health (near death) but that screws up the logic of damage. With the same shots from runner, why i should loose e.g 30% HP when i’m at 100% HP but only 10% HP when i’m at 20% HP?

In other games, e.g racing games, that “feature” is known as rubber banding. No matter how well you drive or how good your vehicle is, you’ll never get any proper lead ahead of AI. Same is when you fall back, catch up feature brings you back to the race.

I don’t like these features. If runner shoots me, i should take the same amount of damage, regardless my health level. And with racing games, i’d like to get 30+ seconds lead or lap the AI. Also, if i fall behind, i’m left behind and i’m fine with that.