Maybe add separate dlc with people

hello, i have a little idea
Maybe add people walking around the map or hiding from machines
For example, what could such NPCs do?
give the player some quests
restore family heirlooms
give me the components
take a weapon for self-defense with you, escort it somewhere so it doesn’t get hurt. Or the bad ones
attacking you for no reason after the player dies, taking random hideout items from such bad NPCs, e.g. freeing the good ones or reclaiming a hideout that the player can take over unless it conflicts with the storyline or a standalone expansion. These uninhabited islands in the game will make people and machines find it, and it’s up to you which side you help with such a separate mini-plot (like Fame Points for these NPCs, e.g. if you get cool NPCs, bad NPCs- e will lose points and if you bad NPCs go up nice NPCs go down) in short they will stop liking you and start treating you like an enemy

(Google translator)

You can find some survivors in places already…

I’ll mention a couple below, hidden in case of spoilers…


You can find some like in the Mullvadsberget Tunnels on in the Bjorntunet Hotel of Himjfall. (You’ll need the Alpine Unrest DLC to get the island of Himjfall.) In both locations though, there are ones that can give missions. (Not all of them, but some can.)

If your looking for more than those, that may be coming with future updates/releases, but I was hoping that might help if you didn’t know about those already.

Keep up the fight! :grin::+1: