Maybe bug? self revive

Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce: Get knocked, press enter.

Host or Client: both

Players in your game: 3-4

When you get knocked you can instantly self revive with adrenaline, an infinite amount of times as long as you have the extremely common adrenaline in your inventory.

recommended fix: Either make adrenaline shots a lot more rare or change how many times per combat you can use them

If you feel that you have to many don’t pick them up. Restrict yourself to 1 in your inventory. You can limit yourself. Me personally, I need loads because I’m playing solo. Just a suggestion

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Hello Jonarn this is not a bug. More of a suggestion I’m going to lock this thread please go ahead and post something in feedback regarding this.That is how Adrenaline is meant to work. :slight_smile:

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