Maybe some hideout upgrades to add some vibe

The idea is that once a hideout is discovered, it can be upgraded with a few barricades, drowning out the signals that once you enter the hideout, the machines will immediately lose sight of you. For example, the cost of such an upgrade is 100 Steel. somehow he was looking at some maps, blueprints on the table, a shelf with hanging weapons to decorate - I know it’s stupid, just suggesting to add some atmosphere

sorry for the mistakes written by the translator


At least your part of adding something to the safehouses comes close to no.6 of my recent Idea:

Regarding your first part I don’t think it would be as good. There are some safehouses where machines patrol in (Bunkers) and some where firebirds fly over or next to. Wouldn’t be so cool If you could start attacking them but they would forget you immediatly, because you’re in a safehouse.

well that would be silly for this hideout disappearing, your ideas are better and point 6 is the best