Mayjor Stuttering reproducable!


Steps To Reproduce:
Go put a Scope on an smg or rifle (acog or 1-4 or 4-8 all have this bug sadly)
then you stand still and draw a circle with your crossahair.
still everything running rly smooth UNTIL
you start to tap the right mouse button for scoping in (just press it 5ms not fully to scope in)
just a i wanna scope in but stoped cause i dont need to click that will trigger the zoom animation for a few milliseconds AND CONTINUE TO STAND STILL AND DRAW CIRCLES with the crosshair and you will notice
MAYOR STUTTERING when the zoom animation canceles EACH SINGLE TIME. AND NO ITS NO FPS DROP since the FPS Stay the same… THE ISSUE WAS PRESENT IN your HUNTER GAME aswell… and a reason to refund it on steam cause this is just sooo annoying. lucky the rest of the game is great so i will continue to play it but i know multiple ppl that would just not play it cause the aim gets laggy…
Images / Videos:

Host or Client:
Host and Client Single and Multiplayer are affected.
Players in your game:
intel 18 cores and GTX2080
intel quad core and gtx 1080
Reproduced on both systems.


Thanks for such a clear report. I’ve made the dev team aware!

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both running Win10 64 Bit.
both SSD 1. Sata 2. m2.

Bump same issue. Stuttering does not occur while moving though.

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Also bumping, this same issue is still in the game. Boy_Narf is right too, it only occurs while standing still.

Bumping for the same issue, As Boy_Narf said, stuttering dies not occur while moving, but i have it on all weapons regardless of the scope.

PS. has anyone found a way to fix that problem??

Bump. Are the devs aware of this?

I would also like to add that I think it stutters a bit while moving forward. There is no stutter while strafing.

Dang, the patch said they addressed some ADS stuttering, but the issue still remains for me. Let’s hope they catch it on the next one!

Please don’t bump threads. This thread’s tagged as acknowledged already and the issue is being dealt with. Even if it takes some time.

Yeah no, this needs bumped when it’s been an issue in the game since launch, was tagged as acknowledged (like 7 months ago?), and last month Graham claimed on the Steam forums that it’d be addressed with the September patch, but that turned out to be false.

This is a game breaking issue. It needs to be a priority. They need to give us some communication about what’s going on with this and why it hasn’t been fixed. I’ve had quite a few friends ask if they should buy this game and I have to tell them no because of this stupid issue.


They’re constantly working on improving the game experience. I’ve played this game since launch and I can safely say any stuttering issues have gotten a lot better, but it’s up to individual cases when it comes to PC players so any details you can provide would be great.


I Have made similar bug reports in the past i can see it’s been acknowledged so i am just adding some updated info On ps4 as all platforms have the same bug , Too add , solo / multiplayer , major stuttering frame rate drop in certain areas around map with or with out machines present has got worse on Console , i keep reloading game from menu which can Temporary resolve this , yesterday had a screen freeze when fast travelling = ps4 error report screen , has been like this from launch on Ps4 , still a great game aye thank’s

This isn’t an individual case, it has nothing to do with PC specs, it’s affecting everyone. As far as I’m aware, it’s also affecting console players. I think everyone’s already done a fine job providing details on this issue, but I created a video just in case the devs don’t understand:

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I used to have the issues in the video, but they’ve been absent from the game since a few months back. If they’re still prevalent like the video shows, I’m sure it can be looked into again.

It used to be stutter on both “going ADS” and “leaving ADS” while standing still slightly moving your aim.
The devs figured out a way to fix the stutter on “leaving ADS” a few patches back but it still remain on “going ADS”
The reason its not easily noticed now is: If you move your character, forward, back or strafe even slightly, while going ADS the stutter is gone.
Perhaps a fix would be to have the “going ADS holding mousebutton” also triggers a ever so minimal movement of the character?

I think that this is not stuttering, but mouse sensitivity change corresponding to the scope you have attached.

well I do have the exact same sensitivity on my Ironsight as my hipfire movement so no new sensitivity should be calculated going ADS and I still get those stutters if I stand completely still (which I rarely do).

I have 50% / 100% and after 80h in the game I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. I am usually quite sensitive for stutter. Maybe there is one minimal hickup on returning from scoping, but it is barely noticable.

I don’t think 100% does mean the same for general sens and scoping sens. On testing it it does not give me the same turning angle if both are set to 100%.

I’m on 11% and 26% ingame with 800dpi to get a 45cm/180turn baseline for normal moving and ironsights.

I’m 500+ hours deep since march and also very sensitive about stutters and microfreezing. The current version though is acceptable for me using the “never stand still going ads” move.

Holy cow is that low. I am on 800 dpi as well.