Mayor of ostertorn

I might have missed it ive read everything in game missions notes etc etc as i have played but i dont recall ever hearing about who the mayor of Ostertorn is or was ??? did i miss it or has it not been mentioned ?

:thinking: Nothing comes to mind. Can you provide more details?
And where did you hear this?

Could have been a Rival? Or a personal Rival?

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How could a rival be a mayor are these robots actually people in a way underneath ?

I didnt hear anything i thought maybe it was in one of the many things to read but i dont think i ever heard of a mayor thats why i wondering if there is a mayor of Ostertorn

Rivals can be named Commander, Kommisar, Boss, Guardian, Tsar, so why not Mayor.
However, if you are asking about a character in the game who was a mayor then there was none.

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ahhhhh well that clears it up Thanks :smiley: you are one of the go to people on here for sure for info thanks again

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