Mech suit (made by hunter parts, classes can be dlc)

An interesting weapon and armor could be a mech suit, made by hunter parts. They can have to protection that can be destroyed and refixed using steal. It can be refuelled using fuel medium fuel tanks earned by destroying bots. It can use its smg as range and can be changed ammo type, it can also use its sword for melee attack.It spawns like a vehicule.This feature could be very fun and interesting and can be very usefull when you are serounded by many bots.


True, it could be great for solo play when no ones there to cover your six.

Lol, oh boy. All I have in my mind reading this is a Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat) movie exoskeleton tweeked with hunter bits. Could even make use of the retractable gas launcher, MIRV launcher or the heavy shoulder cannon. I think they had something along those lines on the power armor suits in one of the 3d animated Starship Trooper films on netflix.

I don’t see it becoming a reality in this game, but you can bet that you’re not the only one wishing it was a thing.

seriously puts a giant pie eating grin on this old man’s face, so thank you for that!


I can see it in multiplayer now. Four players all engage the MIRV launcher on the shoulder and fire at once. The game comes to a still frame pause, you hear Wilhelm Richard Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries start to play, the enemy cries out in surprise and then drops dead, and then as the sparks are still scattering around the newly formed robot corpse, the game crashes.

Would it stop me from doing it?