Mechanical Armor

Strange idea for those that are at the endgame of endgame, something to use all that excess tungsten on. A suit of mechanical armor, similar to a mech or power armor of the Fallout universe.

To counter the power this would bring with it, perhaps repairs would require tungsten and crafting it would require the parts of multiple Reapers. The option to gather armor parts from a Reaper would sacrifice the ability to gather further loot or Experimental items from the same Reaper.

Only a thought from a player, I don’t have much playtime but it would be awesome to fight reapers in a mech wielding Experimental LMG’s.

A new skill: Cal. 5,56 mm APC Minigun with 350 rounds mag. Required a car battery and some steel for the stative. Minigun and mag can be found by soviet machines.

Please explain further…
Is it a skill or a craftable equipment you’re asking for?

What’s the difference to the autoturret of the tactical equipment pack?

Another one for the pile of exosuit threads. :smiley:


I read this as a form of power armor from the fallout games. It would make it an interesting tool to use, perhaps powered by some form of crafted fuel cell, probably could go with some form of nuclear power cell similar to the fusion cores. It would be a very cool addition, treat it like a dirt bike with fuel and repairs to use and maintain the “suit”. If it was to use the same mechanics as the fallout power armor, it wouldn’t have any extra weapons on it, it would just use the weapons already in the game.

As interesting it might sound, it wouldn’t make much sense to have a teenager walk around with a suit that even the military we see doesn’t posses something like that. I’d prefer seeing the existing experimental apparel coming with some smaller special/bonus properties, or only just the existing exosuit.


I absolutely agree.
Let apparel not just be cosmetics.
Give them a use. Like with the gas masks.
Ok, bad example. I would love to see them as usable item with a short key, or the way it’s used in Warzone 2.

Crafting of apparel is ok, but some clothes should have their own unique bonuses (and maybe negative effects). Like a pink jacket which has lower costs to upgrade, but gives you - 5% stealth.
Or (military) helmets could have a bonus on bullet resistance, and military apparel in general a bonus on stealth.

And these exo suits could have a bonus in strength and stamina, jumping and speed, but make more noise and give you negative effects on what you may carry (well, you have more strength, but cannot carry a backpack anymore).

:thinking: Backpacks… It’s long ago we were asking for them. There even was some material which showed them ingame, if I’m not wrong. It’s time to bring them in.

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Give us a backpack with a thruster so we can get over those darn fences!