Mechanical Unit Enforcer S14 GAMMA-1057

Looking for this one. Should be along the coast of Hagaboda.
Nowhere to be found… :face_with_monocle:

it might be a flyer, look to the skies

A flyer you say? And even then: how does one pick that one?

But checked it - nothing there.

there is a possibility that it decided to hide underground where you can’t reach him

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I’ve encountered them glitching through the map on many occasions and so far, haven’t found a way to get them to stop hiding


So… he’s in the water or in the air? That would be a tough one.

Try clicking on it and then hit “Track”. If it is a firebird then it will be on the move and you cannot always just look on the map for their location, they move fast at times. Close the map and open it again, they may be far from the last known location. Tracking it, guides you to it.


Got it! Thanks and I’ll be back.

Bit of strange to me there’s nothing to find on YT or this forum - I mean as a target on the map.