Mecs added to gz

If the devs would add mecs you would need to kill apoc tanks. Easy right? WRONG. You would need to kill apoc tanks with a 10 percent chance of getting a regular part. And a 5 present chance of getting an ecenchal part(battery, chain gun, ect…) You would need 50 regular parts and 10 ecenchal parts. Then you would need to find the mec building stashion at the airfield (the most dangerous place to me) and put in all the parts. The parts would vary in waight. Then you would have to defend the mec building stashion from a few waves of enimies. One defended you will need to go out and find one last part that the game will say error. Random pice will spawn on the other side of the map in a nother dagrous place. Then you take it back, fi ish the mec and you are as big as a hunter with the fire power of a finx tank. The devs can nurf if needed

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