Medkit Mission Impossible


Hands down this is the most challenging medkit extraction you will ever encounter.

I think I just beat the entire game.

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Thank you I saw that yesterday and I was rlly peeved so I did my old method of climbing on the counter and looking down but it was impossible so I left then later I’d ran out of my med kits whilst fighting two apoc tanks and hunters near a relay beacon then I died before I could of clicked on my missing med kit but on the other hand I still destroyed the beacon and thank you for ending my suffering of never being able to pick up this med kit


I have the same issues with medical packs in the game I recently bought


This is still occurring with medkits placed on the range hood in houses.
I can usually get it with some persistence, but my wife has given up on many medkits for this reason.

Happening on PC
Machine 1 - AMD Ryzen 3 3600X, RTX-2060S
Machine 2 - Intel Core i7 2600K, GTX-970


yes medcits are hard to get and soem are even harder to pick up. i have most luck picking them up when they are like this one whit an swedish K as weapon dont know why but i finde the detektion of svitching on objekts and picking up objects narower and 1080p is an suluton as well for just that. hope that helps any one