Menu scroll bars often cannot be clicked/dragged

Platform: PC

It is all over the menu sections, e.g. in the Log for longer mission item descriptions (see mission Stalemate, the Soldier’s log), or the inventory. Very often I cannot click/drag the scroll bars. And it is not really predictable. It just does not do anything as if the scroll bar wasn’t present at all. In the inventory an item gets selected instead.

Particularly painful as scrolling through longer mission item descriptions is very slow. Scrolling seems pixel or percentage (vs. text) line dependent. Also it seems the first scroll “lines” can be rather fast and then it gets slow (see Character Biographies, e.g.).

All in all, the scrolling mechanism needs an overhaul, I think. The scrollbar also is too thin, flimsy.

7700k, 2080ti
2560x1080 ultra-wide