Menus for augenting weapons

These are quite confusing. It is weird that one can buy the same augent twice. Also weird that you can augment down—go from gold to bronze or silver. Not good

Can you give some better examples?

You can just unlock them once.
But you can of course “buy” them multiple times, as you can augment as many weapons as you like.

And that’s you’re doing.
You unlock a receipe for an augmentation and apply it for a certain amount of ressources on the selected weapon.

You can just unlock them in order, Bronze to Gold, but you’re then free to apply either Bronze, Silver or Gold to a weapon.
If you upgrade an existing augmentation, you get a “discount” on the needed ressources, if you apply a lower or different one you have the full costs.

For me it’s more confusing that you can’t unlock them in the research tab of the main menu, but just at the crafting station.

They allowed down grades for a reason. Some augs have a negative effect. It’s going to effect different guns different ways and the risk vs reward may be better for lower tier augs on some while others may not even be noticed on the gold tiers.

Like the megamag augmentation.
Increases magazine capacity but also increases recoil.
On gold it’s like 100% more magazine capacity (extended magazines are not included into calculation/effect), but like 200% recoil.

On Bronze it’s like 50% more magazine capacity, and just like 50% more recoil.

You have to find the perfect balance for each gun.

*Not sure about the exact values

can you imagine a 44 or the com 10 with +200% recoil… good grief LOL you would hit everything but your target

the augenting one that quiets the weapon, how does that one work, is it like a silencer

the experimental 44 Magnus has ALMOST enough recoil to make the human do a back-flip, with that extra 200 recoil, :rofl: back-flips everywhere lol lol lol

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weapons only right, only give out weapon parts, not the attachments I have seen yet


I just have a recoil deletion program that simulates dragging ur mouse down. So i dont have that problem :smiling_imp:

I dont use it in pfs game, mostly cuz its unfair and games cant detect youre using it.