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I got only yesterday my first N16 so i can relate :frowning: But my poit was that why having vendor when you’re already have weapons DLC that give quite the firepower to old and new player.

True but vendor weapons don’t necessarily have to be for the player. Depending on how the devs expand on the base building aspect wandering traders could sell building supplies, blueprints and other resources for improving the site including better weapons for the NPC’s you rescue or recruit.

Would fancy some more base building options. Wandering trader/vender that appears every so often near the base with base building blueprints/schematics would add a different flavor to base defense.

Would be interesting to see Tungsten used for base building, add an extra layer of defense for those wooden walls or towers.

Different types of machine gun nest, that shoot flame or even a mortar nest.

Different walls that have a gun port/window that we can shoot threw.

Different style walls and doors, possibly upgrading health, defense or damage of existing blueprints.

Possibly even more cosmetic base stuff like flags or decorations to add some life and color to the place.

As for loot, Do find myself running out of steel often now that i craft my own ammo, theirs also some rarer loot like Tungsten and Aluminum that only drop from walkers. Not to mention the new ultra rare loot… Uranium.

Every war has its business opportunity, some people make a lot of money smuggling in resources resistance fighters use to make stuff.

Well, one thing I would tolerate as “vendor” is exchanging excess crafting materials to C.M. in demand.
Or rework on craft recipes, that uses more diverse sets of materials. I mean I getting A LOT of rubber and alluminium, both are used very situationally. Tungsten is rare, but still piling up, since it used only in high-end apparel upgrade.

In general I don’t mind vendors if they used to “remove excess/unused stuff for something in demand”, or I wouldn’t need it in the first place if I could steadily and evenly spend all materials, including rare/hard to farm materials into consumables.

Please do not ad wendors into generation zero, it whould destroy the feeling and the cold ambiance of the game if you just have people walking around östertörn and selling useless stuff, and it is not lore friendly the resistance is small compared to the machines and then everyone should stick togheter and share stuff like weapons and ammuntion, not selling them and the world is dangerous so the chance of someone going around selling stuff i low in my opion, And also like they said in the trailer for the resistance update; This is a war, yes this this a war so why whould someone sell things in a war? shoulnt he or she be out doing their part to save östertörn? I think wendor whould be bad for the game in all ways


If they are just wandering around then you would be right, but you have 2 active resistance bases that could trade excess materials and schematics found by their people when out patrolling/scavenging that they don’t need.

This approach could also be the basis of a new repeatable mission where you escort resistance members delivering supplies from one base to the other. Although I would suggest adapting the AI for the NPC’s you are escorting to be more stealthy and only get into a fight when there is no other choice.

But it is not lore friendly, so if you where in a war and you and your group maybe is the last people in the world whould you start a shop then to sell things the other maybe already have? there is not so many people left alive in östertörn so why not share our resources and our weapons, why sell it, and for example, in ww2 did you see the french resistance setting up trading posts in their bases? No they didnt And esctorting npc can be for other things than trading like recon and search and destroy.

That can’t be done, since apparel schems are the only reason why attack Rivals until you’re lvl25. If that too is level locked to 25, just like experimental weapons are, then there is no reason, what-so-ever, to spend loads of resources to take down rivals and Reaper, if you’re below level 25. :roll_eyes:

Now matter how i look at it, it only tells me one thing - make the game even easier than it already is.

Since crafting materials are so readily available and schems are part of the rival reward, all traders would do, is lessening effort players need to put into the game. Since it’s far easier just to waltz to the trader, trade the materials and voila. No need to go around the map, searching and looting materials.

And when it comes to the schems, that (trader), essentially makes battles with rivals obsolete, especially when you’re below level 25.
Since who would go through the trouble and time, to: 1. spawn a rival, 2. level it up for better drop chance, 3. spend loads of time and resources to take one down? When all what you can do, is waltz to the trader and without no effort what-so-ever, trade something for the schem? :thinking:


good points aesyle, i agree on everything, wendors whould just make the game too easy


If you just shove vendors in for the sake of it I’d agree but you could set a vendor system up to only start once you have maxed out your level and built the initial camp. Then you can have taking down rivals and reapers as well as stealing supplies from well defended areas as an essential part of getting and building the vendor schematics. A certain amount of specific parts needed for the initial purchase and then more for the actual construction.

On top of that the level of the available schematics could be made dependant on the supply route between the 2 established resistance bases which would tie into my idea for a repeatable escort mission with increasing difficulty. You could also add in an extra mission to further fortify and build a transfer depot at both bases before supply runs can start.

As far as the extra manpower for the supply system is concerned you could also have a couple of missions where for example the resistance discovers a FNIX prison or laboratory with people you can rescue, one on each island.

  1. not lore friendly 2. Still it whould make the game too easy, in a couple of weeks you whould be a god in GZ and not having to loot/scavenge anything making it just another boring farming game where people whould just compete to get the most stuff/money 3. Do we really need wendors? Like if you said if the player can build wendors at max level then the wendor system have no use, most of the players have already at max level got like 2000+ in ammuntion and grenades and other stuff, and if you give it to new players like level 3 or 4 then they will focus on that instead of finding their own stuff, Now if you want an AG5 you need to find it, with a wendor you could buy it in a boring lazy way. And i dont think FNIX has the humans they captured in a place thats easy to get into, humans is important to FNIX they want them to do experiments and connecting them to the FNIX network, if you get into a base to save them you whould just find no one to rescue.

With this, i have a question. For you, personally, would you like to have the vendor/trader system for:

  1. To make your life, as a player, easier, once you’ve established the trade connections?
  2. To give you something else to do, once you’ve reached end-game?

Personally I’m looking at the additional end game content aspect, hence the rescue and the repeatable escort missions as well as needing to scavenge from rivals and reapers as well as raiding well defended supply depots.

I can see that depending on how it would be implemented traders could make the game easier for players which is why I’ve looked at ways of putting it into the game without taking the overall challenge away.

From the lore perspective, trade between the 2 resistance camps does make sense. If you look at any resistance group historically they get their equipment from 3 primary sources. Stolen from the enemy, supplied by allies and traded between cells. Change supplied by allies to scavenged from the area and it becomes plausible.

Thinking about it further, vendor schematics could just be improved versions of plans you find while exploring, but they would have to be implemented in order. This way it wouldn’t matter if you went straight to the vendor to get the top level version of one, you would still need to have the basic plan and the relevant upgrades already built before you could use it.

I gave played many game where there is a wendor system, it often without you knowing it it makes you focus on that. And i think the Swedish östertörn resistance is so small that trading is pointless, like have fun trading with the same people and selling stuff they already have. And they should be out fighting instead of trying to get money off people. Big resistance maybe bouht weapons but not this one, who whould they even buy it from? There are no one execpt the resistance left alive in östertörn and for the resistance to get weapons then they just need to ask the player because we could give them all sorts of weapons for free. And if Nato and sweden is paradropping weapons in östertörn for free then why even paying for then. And Generation zero is special, it is standing out, whould you really then try to make it like any other game out there? why must GZ have something that other games have? we have gathered tons of equipments in our adventures without having to buy anything, we are fine without wendors

I think there’s even a note from La Resistance that supplies are stashed in key points and shared. Shared. That pretty much compromises things about vendor. Besides, GZ isn’t a game that needs vendor in any form. Well, a bit wrong wording here.
The “vendor” factor I’d see in this game is expanded and rebalanced existing crafting/recycling system, in that all resources are used evenly or there would be “counterweights” for excess to compensate for demanded. Currently quite a big chunk of resources are used only in apparel crafting and unused as “consummable” material (off the bat - rubber, glue, tungsten, aluminium). Special mention goes for alluminium, as it involved in crafting smokescreen munitions, but smoke in combat still useless against majority of machines (only affected are all tanks and conditionally harvesters) and “stealth” smoke is as practical as laying traps nowadays, so it’s other components are spent on hurty ammo crafting.
It went a bit off topic, but my point is: instead of making a dedicated Vendor, I think it’s much better to improve already implemented crafting system, which is essentially same, except no buying guns.

Due to the small dev team, devs can’t push out new content faster than it takes the player base to explore all of the new content, enjoy it and eventually get tired of it. Though, devs are doing their level best to give all players more, new content to explore and enjoy.

If we would put the lore aspect on a side, just for the moment, and look at the vendor/trader mechanics alone.

Then for trader to add value to the game, it should be implemented in a way, where what you get from the trader, are unique items, that you can not get from anywhere else.
Since if you could get common items from the trader, the same items you can freely loot from the game world ← all it does, is making player’s life easier.

One set of items, which trader could offer, and which hasn’t made it’s way to the game, as of yet, are experimental weapon attachments. As of what they exactly could do, topic here: Exp. Attachments
Other, unique items, could include new clothing set(s) and/or more different custom emotes. There are actually a plethora of unique items, currently not in the game, which the trader could offer. (Too sleepy to think any more as of now.)

And if to develop the trader idea further, devs can level lock different sets for balance. E.g you can’t access experimental attachments until you’re level 20.

Now, if we were to take the lore aspect in as well, then i have hard time seeing how we could have a sophisticated trade network in the world of GZ, ruled by the machines.

Historical resistance groups, yes, had their sources for stuff. But did they all buy that stuff? In the middle of the war? I don’t know. Other folks here in the forums have better knowledge of that historical aspect.

In terms of GZ, it’s hard to tell in which direction devs are planning to steer the game. :thinking: The latest addition of base building, is already a huge stretch and in many cases, it doesn’t suit the lore. Here’s also my feedback of the base building: Resistance Update Feedback - #77 by Aesyle

The current FMTEL stations are essentially like vendors already, where you need to do X thing and in return, you get some stuff as a reward. In that sense, wouldn’t it be better to expand the FMTEL stations further, with unique rewards, rather than implementing completely new, vendors idea? :thinking:


They sould just expand the Fmtel network and offer cosmetics and experimental attachments


I agree with @Aquablade95 @Aesyle @DeadWanderer and a few others.
Vendors would just make the game even more easier and would make no sense.
Fmtel stations should just give better items, and attachments for weapons.
Ammo and weapons are everywhere now, it´s very easy to survive and loot.


To be honest I’m fine with the pace the devs are taking to push out content. You only have to see the mess that Cyberpunk and the new Elite Dangerous expansion were to see what happens when things are rushed through.

My ideas about the vendor were more for repeatable content than the items themselves, that was the main reason I suggested having high end schematics but not being able to use them till you have found and built the earlier ones you find in the world.

With that in mind given that at the time the game is set all adults would have had 1-2 years national service under their belts my concept probably works better with a quartermaster instead of a trader as setting up supply lines in case of invasion would likely have been part of their training. This way the FMTEL station missions can still give the types of reward that it currently does while the QM gives the high end non EXP schematics that are developed by the resistance as they gain more resources and intelligence. Add in time constraints to the missions and then the player would have to choose what they needed more and then hope that at some point in the future the other reward(s) were available again.

This approach would be easier to implement as the basic framework for the QM could be copied and adapted from the FMTEL scripts. Plus as Soviet forces have already got onto the island it’s probably only a matter of time before you see NATO forces as well so having 2 systems could work in game as faction specific. Especially as having looked at Boo Bridge a number of times and thinking that from the way some of the fortifications are set up and the placement of some of the bodies it looks like there may have been a skirmish between the resistance and the Russians.

I can see that depending on how it would be implemented traders could make the game easier for players which is why I’ve looked at ways of putting it into the game without taking the overall challenge away.

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