Exp. Attachments

As asked in the live streaming. How about some exp. attachments for those weapons? I would love to see an exp. vision module. Handing out all the 3 modes (night, therma, x-ray), plus an extra mode. The extra mode could be an mix of all 3 or better adding an tech-mode (so we can see the tech-mode when using the weapon now too. Would be great to focus on those weak spots.

Also an exp. attachment to add some kind of “homing target selection” like in the 5th element. The attachment would only work on assault rifles, smg and instead of having an silencer as an example, 10% of the bullets would 100% hit the target even if we are not aiming at the target.

Also an exp. laser pointer attachment for the klauke etc. sidearms.

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How about extended mags that change the propertys of bullets fired like to acid damage dealt over time to part of robot hit. Acid would do more damage to armor than components and the experimental AG4 fire damage would be overwritten if using one. Apocalypse class runners have it coming anyway :grin:

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`[quote=“mrjimp, post:3, topic:26142, full:true”]
I would _not_make an item that nullifies the use of a skill.

it would only hit 10% of the time (well could be lowered to 1%) and only on smg and assault rifles. Also you would have to aim at the machine and fire on it and hold the trigger cause the second you stop fireing the “auto-hit” would stop.

Meaning that it only works on full-auto fire. For semi-auto fire, which all assault rifles and half of the SMGs are capable of, it is completely useless.

I too, don’t think, that we need an “attachment” only for those people who have trouble hitting the broad side of the barn at 10 feet.

I won’t mind an experimental 8x-16x scope with a built-in rangefinder. Or scopes with a target lead marker, that shows you where to aim to hit a moving target.

Yes only works with fullauto.

Well another idea would be an attachment so your bullets would “warp” to the target meaning they would fly through walls etc.

I’ve no idea how common those extended drum magazines were in the early 90’s, but surely not every weapon had them. Like the Ksp 58, or the AG4. They could be a fun addition for experimental attachments, and increase the interest of using more different weapons.

Maybe a exp scope that gives the range of targets and how high to aim and one that is a exp barrel attachment that kind of serves like the exp pvg.