Messed up sniper scope

Two of my friends have an issue withtheir sniper scope being slightly covered by darknes, this happens both as host and player. They’ve got the correct resolution for their monitors and hav had this issue for some time, Although they havn’t made a post about it. Any help on this would be gladly appriciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Huh, never seen that before. Which scope and tier is it? On which weapon?

A 5* scope (with the red brackets around the center), the text in the lower right corner indicates an Älgstudsare hunting rifle and from the picture I’d guess it’s a 4-8x or 6-12x scope.

Looks somewhat like an out of center view into a scope but that shouldn’t be possible ingame.
At least I haven’t noticed anything like that

@KittyTheCat It’s a known bug. There’s a workaround on steam. I think it had to do with disabling adaptive framerate or resolution or such.

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Keen observation! Besides the “I should have been able to read”, of course.

Thanks for the replies guys, I’ll inform them tomorrow :smiley:

Are you playing with any of the “Clear vision” or “No blurr” mods? That happend to me when dynamic resolution was active at 60 using a mod few months ago.