Meusser/Algstudsare extended mags

First of all apoliges if topic already exsists couldn’t find anything else like it.
Would like to see extended mags for the Meusser and Algstudsare hunting rifles almost every other gun has one including the .50 cal sniper rifle.


In reality maybe, but not in game (for Meusser and Algstudsare that is). :wink:
But if the reload mechanic would allow for an extended mag, then it would be very nice to see those in game. Having 8 or 10 rounds in mag instead of 4-5 would really be a big advantage, since the PVG can hold up to 18 rounds.


Yeah that’s silencers. The OP is about extended mags though.
But it’s also correct that the PVG doesn’t have a silencer.


My problem is that I’ve had this game since it released and the best I have managed is a level 4 .270 and a level 3 .243.
RNG has forsaken me or disowned me or something else that’s less than pleasant when it comes to these 2 weapons.
I would also like extended mags for them if they are not in the game already.

How about experimental versions of them that add a bullet to the magazine when you land a hit. Essentially rewards marksmanship with not having to reload if you can keep hitting the robots.

So are suggesting infinite ammo on exp sniper rifles?

Bullet magically loading into weapon is not very fitting in the game. But have to admit some of the experimental weapon effects are quite far fetched also.

As long as you have bullets in your inventory to these sniper rifles, why not. Just a little bit limit the shooting, so it doesnt go to full auto rapid fire sniping. I would add like 15-30 sec bullet can be reloaded automatically to magazine.

Many weapons of meusser/älgstudsare type have a built in mag. So you can’t add a bigger one because of that.

It’s only infinite if you can land every shot you make. The meusser/algstudsare rifles are bolt action anyway so they can’t keep up with the .50 cal sniper rifle fire rate and DPS which also holds 10-18 rounds. Plus the experimental .50 cal is a portable railgun anyway. Whist it would be infinite ammo you need to have the bullets in your inventory, never miss a shot also the meusser/algstudsare have lower overall damage and rate of fire.

This touches upon a subject Tene also mentioned in a video - we basically need some more rifles with a larger mag and silencer! :wink::sunglasses:

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Would you mind putting up a link to said vidio please

Thanks for putting up the video

you can increase the round capacity now that they have added weapon augmentations there is a extended mag capacity augmentation you can apply to it to increase the amount of rounds you need to get kills with machine guns with extended mags to unlock the augmentation though thats the best thing you can do now