Meusser Hunting Rifle Inverse Bullet Drop

Platform: PC

Description: Any time I shoot a Meusser Hunting Rifle, I have not gotten or shot the other sniper rifles yet, the bullet appears to rise rather than drop. At 10 meters or less it is as simple as “point and shoot,” however, at longer ranges when you need to account for bullet drop I have to aim low as all shots go high. I am not sure if this is because the gun automatically adjusts scope zeroing when zooming or if the bullet drop is just inverted. Iron sights also do not appear to land where I aim and since I am not using a magnified optic I cannot see where the shots land, above or below the target, at any range greater than 10 meters which is the “point and shoot” distance.

Steps To Reproduce: Any Meusser Hunting Rifle

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Specifications: Intel Core i7-8750H, GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q, 16 GB RAM


I know that there was an acknowledged issue about some weapons shooting high (I think the .50 shoots low) but it was not at the top of the issues list

Definitely not a critical issue compared to others, but important nonetheless :slight_smile: If you ever get a chance to take a video of some tests regarding this issue, please share it here as it would definitely be helpful!

Yep ps4 pro . All hunting rifle’s completely inaccurate aim ,probably is a priority seeing as that just leave’s the 50cal which is slightly off, , so CQB for a while with no explosive’s from tool box’s will be a little difficult seeing as there’s more robot’s now and less way’s to break robot’s up , time to sneak around then till we get patched up i think :+1:

Yes, same to me, with a Meusser Hunting Rifle with a 4-8x dilapidated scope.
Only in the long range shooting. Now I used to point my rifle under the spot to hit.
I haven’t tried scopes in a better condition yet.
Platform PC.

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Same here, didn’t take a video, but the offset appears to follow expected bullet drop with the sign flipped. I’ve found it to not be much of an issue for me until about 30m, but I’ve only really used it against runners (hunters get a face full of buckshot, I’m not wasting a dozen rounds of .243 on them), and I tend to aim a little low against them.

I started a discussion thread about this topic too. Here you can see the phenomenon in the devs live stream.

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Yea ever since I got the game I’ve noticed the snipers are so inaccurate. Sometimes it seems like bullets rise when shooting at further distances, which zip over and enemy and alert them when you’re trying to remain quiet. Other times it seems like the hitboxes are just screwy and the bullet will go through where you’re shooting, then next shot hit. I believe there is some random bullet deviation, but they should just get rid of that as the recoil is pretty strong on the AR’s (on console, probably way easier to control on PC).


I must report I do not see the negative bullet drop any more. When I aim the runners fuel cans I works like it should. Either the glitch disappeared, or it is only related to the dilapidated weapon or scope, or I was mistaken.

Scope/weapon quality may actually have something to do with it. I only ever tested on crappy weapons, and I’m still seeing it myself after having restarted after the June update.

Honestly though, if this is indeed the case, I’d really encourage the devs to go out and shoot at some point themselves. A poorly zeroed scope doesn’t cause your bullets to rise, it translates to a fixed offset in the ballistics calculation (IOW, bullet still drops, it just hits somewhere other than your point of aim), which ironically should be easier to code than the inverse bullet drop being shown currently.

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Even when using 5 star gold scopes on weapons such as the .243, .270, and .50 rifles the bullets still travel upwards from where I aim at longer distances :slight_smile: For me at least

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It would appear the bug, at least from my perspective, has been fixed. I have not played that long nor have I used other rifles but it seems bullet drop is normal, or at the very least far less noticeable, now. Either the bullet drop is still reversed but the bullet speed has increased thus increasing effective range until drop is noticed, hence the reason why it may still be reversed, or it has been fixed entirely. Please reply if you are still noticing the bug or if you are no longer experiencing it.

I still have the bug/feature. And I suggest if it is the feature called “zeroing” give us a key to set the zeroing distance or simply set it to 0 m. If it actually is zeroing then it would explain why some players can hit where aim for. They probably shoot either at close range or at the seted zeroing distance.

Yeah, I’m still seeing it too, also on the Älgstudsare, albeit at a different distance. It looks more to me at this point like it actually isn’t true inverse bullet drop, just really poorly modeled natural bullet rise (that is, inverse parabola up to the peak, then regular parabola down from there). I think part of the problem here is that the apparent zero point for these rifles is further than it’s practical to actually shoot in game due to rendering limitations and accuracy constraints.

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True, if you have a rendering limit of 100m its strainge if your gun is zeroed at 150m. You would not see whether you hit or not.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, more specifically, based on what I’ve seen:

  • Bots only show up initially once they’re within about 400-500m of a player. Their position is still tracked, but you have to be that close for the initial render.
  • Bots don’t stop being rendered for at least 600m, possibly more. Again, after stopping being rendered, they still have their location tracked, they just don’t visibly render.
  • Lighting effects seem to only shed light reliably within about 400m of a player. IOW, if you get close enough to a bot for it to start being rendered, then back off a bit, it won’t always have the searchlight visibly shedding light.
  • Particle effects (sparks, flames, etc) have a much closer rendering limit, though I’m not sure exactly how far I think it’s less than 100m. Without these, you don’t get visible feedback that you hit the bot, unless of course you kill it. Particle effects from bots dying seem to have a longer render range than those from bots being damaged.

The Meusser and Älgstudsare both seem to be zeroed well beyond that particle effect rendering limit, but I don’t know exactly where. They both feel honestly kind of useless for sniping beyond about 300m though because apparently Sweden has no scopes with good rangefinders. The PVG 50, OTOH, seems to hold true with no perceptible bullet drop or rise no matter what range I use it at (longest shot with it was about 550m at a relay beacon, hit dead center at the point of aim), and the AG 4 and AG 5 are both zeroed at regular combat rifle range (about 100-150m).


This thread has died out since I posted this back in May of 2019, however, I have come back to the game in full force and have gotten most, if not all, of the sniper rifles in the game with various quality optics and magnifications.

Across the board whether it is the Meusser Hunting Rifle, Algstudsare Hunting Rifle, or the Pansarvarnsgevar 90, I am experiencing bullet rise rather than bullet drop; irrelevant to the optic used, if any, and the quality of those optics.

Back when I first posted this bug I knew the game to be rather bug ridden and still to be patching bugs out. At this point in 2020 I can only accept the game as being buggy and must pressure the developers to, at the very least, fix bugs concerning the core gameplay: gunplay and combat. If a game’s core gameplay does not work as intended then something needs to be fixed and fast or the game will die. I have been playing far too much lately despite the persistent bugs and frequent crashes because the core gameplay is fun. I can live with the other bugs and forget about the crashes that reset my map progress, but this one issue will never let me immerse myself in the combat whenever I use a sniper rifle.

Please developers, fix this issue. If any players are reading this and experience this then like this post and get the developers’ attention on this issue.

So here I am several months later hopping back into Generation Zero in preparation for the FNIX DLC and recent patch to difficulty, Guerrilla is insane now where prototype runners are something fear, and I am still encountering inverted bullet drop. Either this or there is a hidden rifle zeroing feature that is sighted way out in the middle of nowhere useful causing these shots to always go high.

In either case, with how difficult Guerrilla is now the need to hit sniper shots the first time you pull the trigger is tremendous because it can mean the different between no first aid kits used to 5 first aid kits used. Please comment below if you are experiencing this issue and with what weapons/attachments. Hopefully we can stockpile enough information about optics and weapons used to help the developers resolve this bug quickly.

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Inverse bullet drop is still an issue after the FNIX Rising DLC.

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So the bullet drop is not inversed but set to a far distance.
@Bjorn you mentioned that you system is able to simulate zeroing. Is it possible to let us use this feature? Or at least set the default zero distance to 25 m or so?