Microsoft (Xbox/Win10) Version update (with performance improvements) - 2024-02-07

Microsoft Survivors!
We just released a patch on Xbox and Win10 to bring your Generation Zero client to the same version as the 60FPS patch on PS5, which is being lined up for release.
You will see some minor overall performance improvements.

— Generation Zero (@GenZeroGame) February 7, 2024

If there won’t be another (official) topic about it, feel free to report your experiences with the new update.

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A lot more crashes again, suddenly. More audio issues, too—especially in co-op.

Before the update, buddy of mine and I had only had three crashes over the past week, in one certain location. After the update, we chalked up about TEN or twelve crashes in less than two hours. The crashes happened all over the place, and the timing between crashes would be random. The situations we were in were not high intensity, so there should have been no crashes.

Twice we crashed before even getting into the game fully—before we even selected continue, or went through world/character select. Several more crashes happened while alone, solo play—either when trying to enter the menus or navigate from inventory to map, or while tending to different minor tasks inside of different safehouses, like dealing with inventories, scrapping, or crafting. More crashes when eventually getting around to trying to play co-op. Several crashes again while in the safehouse, or at player occupied Control Points, and of course additional crashes while wandering around the world trying to actually play.

One positive change I saw; the location info for Overby Airbase has the weapon counters split up correctly, again—2/2 in the underground section, 4/4 above ground. That’s it. That’s the only positive observed.

What was this patch supposed to fix, in regards to XBox?

Hopefully it fixed some things for newer players who haven’t already done everything yet. At least somebody needs to have benefited from this.

The only info I’ve got is the text from X: