Might be time to increase the Scifi a little

That ai has been sitting around for how long now and it hasn’t developed any new weapon systems? I would think it’d make at least some effort towards weaponry that don’t need an excess amount of resources like bullets do like say laser (like the new moderns anti missile and drone systems currently being developed) or plasma or weapons that require just less resources to fire like more variety of rail or gauss

I also think we should have more resistance styled mods for the companion like maybe attaching some of the experimental weapons or resistance flamethrower and a friendly tick fabricator for the utility probably just limited to one at a time with a 30sec cooldown and either much better armor or a way to to upgrade the pupbots health

P.s. by resistance styled I mean something that looks very obviously put together by the resistance and not factory built.

I would say, FNIX has too limited abilities, possibilities and ressources to develop in that way.

It shouldn’t become too scifi.
Playing in the 80s is one of the core elements of the game. There is no internet to get needed knowledge of inventing new scifi weapons. The existing machines mostly were constructed by the swedish military, not by FNIX.

But I agree, that something should be done when continuing the story. Although we already destroyed the main construction facility, somehow FNIX should show a reaction to what happened.

Yes, we now got FNIX bases, but there should be more. A reaction on soviet firebirds, some more defensive capabilities for the machines like walls of smoke, defensive weapons to intercept incoming projectiles (rpg7, granatgevär, homing turrets). Also the rivals could get some technical and optical improvements to make them look and act/feel more different.

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Actually lasers would still fit within 80s being Ronald Reagan’s “Star wars” anti ballistic missile satellite idea was announced March 1989 same year as the game which it only failed cause we said “too expensive” amd dropped it till the private market make it good enough to reopen in the modern day also some degree of scifi is already present due to the railguns/gauss that the robots and the experimental pvg have. Also the AI doesn’t need Internet just computing power like say a quantum computer which it seems like it has already successfully achieved with its neural network.

But why whould we need it? The machines are strong enough with the weapons they have

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You do know the Internet was basically invented in the early 80’s right. Perfectly possible for FNIX to have scoured every database for tech since the military is mainly responsible for it’s creation and networking.

But that doesnt mean that FNIX has the rescources to develop such weapons. And maybe it even prefers regular weapons. I dont see how a laser or plasma whould be better, since those whould probably be heavy and slow to use.

Edit: And the machines are more “realistic” instead of scifi, you know they look like something a human could build with human weapons and camo, as seen on the military class. Not laser armed machines straight out of terminator.

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Initially the Machines were built by humans (FOA), but FNIX just took over the factories and used the original Machine designs of the already existing machines. Later FNIX developed the Apocalypse and Reaper class. :coffee:

And more energy consuming.
I wouldn’t mind to have lasers as anti projectile weapons, but as long as we don’t see a new class of machines, they don’t really need primary laser-weapons or similar.

That would be like insta-death for the players… No time to dodge them… Almost like the tanks railguns, but instead of one tank you would have to fight multiple machines with a similar weapon. That’s suicide.

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Yeah I don’t think we need laser anything. But smarter faster and more complex enemies I’m all for. I was hoping since FNIX was using human brains for servers we’d eventually get some cyborgs that’d been “overwritten” (like agent smith does in the matrix). Give em a fighting chance since they’d be close to the players size and speed.


we can just do what Far Cry 3 did with there stand alone DLC, that has nothing to do with the main story, :rofl: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

more gun animations like this with the shotgun

…gotta admit, I did love Blood Dragon. Despite how whacko it all was… The gunplay was great fun, and it hit all the RoboCop/Terminator notes. Kobra Assault Cannon, the AUTO-9, that shotgun… But, no. No, please… Don’t mimic it too much, devs.

As for the factories, we didn’t destroy them all I’d be more than willing to bet. We don’t know what all is tucked away underneath Norrmyra, for instance. Need I remind you of the ‘arena’ there, with the big elevator shaft in the middle, and all the locked doors scattered around Norrmyra itself…? Similar elevator shafts that go who-knows-where, elsewhere on Himfjall and at Hallabacken down in the South Coast… There is more under the surface we still haven’t seen, yet… Plenty of potential for further development and production facilities. Other destinations that the railway tunnels beneath Garphammar and the crater linked to.

Well what i’d assume is that a Militarized AI would be able to quickly develop useful ideas and tech that would fit along the same lines as in the real world so if we look at the advancement of war from cold war to modern day what do we see?

We see drones which we have in game.
Experimental rail guns which we have in game in fact not even really experimental being the robots use them in mass meaning they are proven concept.
Now we have lasers for guess what taking out rockets and small drones what do we have flying around in the sky that FNIX is fighting oh right giant drones!

If i take this to its modern day conclusions Laser Weapons would be a thing if AI could develop it especially when it doesn’t have monetary constraints like the US did when it announced its LASER anti ballistic missile satellite program the same year the game is currently taking place in.

Also laser weapon are way better than conventional because you don’t need constant supply of lead, gunpowder, and metal only thing you need is a powerful fuel source and guess what! FNIX already has mini nuclear batteries so it solved the power problem and the mass problem cause pretty sure that was a huge part of its size was for proper power production.

I’d also like to point out to anyone saying “NuUh Thats too futuristic and out of reality” THE AI DEVELOPED A SHIELD GENERATOR AND NUCLEAR POWER BATTERIES. I think plasma and lasers wouldn’t be a problem to a being which has obviously figured out hardlight technology and mini fission (or even more further than reality fusion) generators you people just wanna make excuses. The other people saying “Maybe it doesn’t have the resources” Alright yeah thats a good reason maybe they should give some content when the good guys fail or half fail so that FNIX can get said resources you know more story content something we kinda need??? And or i vote they just forget all the extra stuff and just give us the rest of the DLC and start working on a squeal instead all hands on deck.

Just because they could, they don’t have to.
Less is sometimes more.
And a game should should keep its initial personality and shouldn’t change too much. Otherwise there is the risk that it becomes something else, becomes too much a commonly game like many others.

So every evolving step has to be sensible.
GZ has a special setting and this should always be in the focus and don’t get lost behind too many scifi stuff or mechanics other games have.

That’s just my opinion.

But also my opinion is, that many of the already received evolutions should have implemented into the story in a way that everyone can get the same experiences. Some things, like the changes due to FNIX rising, the apocalypse machines of Alpine unrest, some new weapons, the soviets, the firebirds, the bases… Even the weapons packs, they should be unlocked step by step during the story or by unlocking something… By progress. Not instantly by updating the game.

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I agree i do like to earn my stuff i’m not saying just throw it in or to not have a reason the reason could be very obvious like i don’t mean lasers like starwars i hate that those aren’t lasers at all they are plasma but even then not a fun version of plasma anyway back to lasers i mean direct fire hold a beam of light on a thing till it melts a real laser which during the time period did exist just no one wanted to fund i just thought maybe it could be cool to see FNIX actually develop and come up with ways to out perform the humans.

FNIX right now just feels like one of the weakest evil AIs in media hell the soviet machines feel like they hit harder if he’s an intellect beyond humanity or “the next step” he needs to start developing like it and then humans gotta do what humans do best and try to survive and adapt.

Also just cause they add futuristic concepts to the game doesn’t mean it’ll kill its identity you just have to be creative enough to figure out how to make it fit the world.

And another thing you know the reaper right it already has tech that is far and beyond what humans are capable of aka the shield generators or a hardlight system aka hard scifi but you probably don’t think of it in that way because the devs where creative enough to make it in a way that felt like it could be apart of the world.

I even know a way they can add said lasers in current day we use them for missile defense and to shoot down small drones so maybe it could be a support robot or a repurposed robodoggo that hangs around the large robots with the goal to shoot down any of the player rockets, grenades, emp devices being it would melt it instead of causing it to explode and the player through a quest can figure out a way to repurpose it as either a placable and it shoots the machine rockets/mortor fire down or a handheld weapon that can focus down a specific component through manual aiming like say point it at the gun till it falls off hell maybe if could use the tech binoc sight making it tech tree oriented weapon. its just one idea but i’m sure the devs could make it better and cooler with multiple months to half a year to develop it.

Alright, FNIX is “weak” because it is confined to a very small island in Sweden. How whould it get rescources and plans to build lasers and plasma weapons. This isnt terminator, this is its own story and world. I think that we dont need any new scifi elements to the game. And why are you so dedicated to get this?

and why are you so against an idea that is simply a suggestion to the devs who already know what they are going to do all i have to do is try to sell it to any devs who might but probably not see it. Also i enjoy creativity and nothing is less creative then “just add real gun” as DLC it is so boring they already killed the most interesting part which was the mystery so screw it might as well throw out ideas cause in another year or 2 this ship is sunk the way its bleeding players

Also it being on a small island obviously don’t mean jack cause its already developed better robots via the apocalypse class meaning it has the capability and resources as well as the know how to get back there because you know story is a thing and i believe it should be developed along side greater capability of the enemy but because some of your people have no concept of imagination or the reality of what an hostile AI means it usually means extermination of man. There are suppose to be high stakes here thats kinda the whole point you know its the beginning of the apocalypse?