Military compound


We can’t seem to explore the military compound.
We found a set of spiral stairs but there is only a small room down stairs, not the usual layout we are used to from the other bunkers.
We also get a strong enemy indication (full yellow) from behind the walls.
There is a door with a scanner nearby but we have not found any key cards, and we have killed all the robots outside and the hunters in the factory.
Any tips?


Same for us, all the scanners indicate a need for a barcode, though the droids only drop Utten Bunker barcodes for us.

We have searched the overseer and commander villa for a key, to no avail, only to find another locked door + scanner in de overseers villa.

In de factory there is a hallway blocked by a concrete overhang. We can see a stair down, but cannot crouch underneath it. Been trying to get thrown under by explosions, no luck so far.


Where is the barcode for the safe room in the Overseer’s Villa? This while area is very vague on what you’re supposed to do…