Mine throwing wolves

Hi there,

Is it just me or is there an issue with the wolves mine throwers?

There have been many situations where I disarmed them but they still threw their annoying laser-mines at me.

What’s your experiences?

I have never been able to disable their mine throwing.

Missles/rockets yes but never the mines they seem to launch from center top back ish kinda place

I know what you mean.
In general it should be as follows:

Missile launcher:

Mine Thrower:

Destroy it (both of them) and the wolf shouldn’t be able to launch missiles or throw mines.

In fact, as I experienced, you just need to destroy one launcher and the wolf will not launch missiles any more.

But for the others, even if I destroy both mine throwers, they often keep on throwing mines at me. And it often looks like they come from the center of its back, not the throwers.

Mine don’t look like the second picture in terms of weapons. Base design yes but they have missle launchers instead and do both mines and missles…

i think ive seen this bug have a post before around when landfall released. add it to the bug collection thread?

That’s what I wanted to do after confirmation of some others… Maybe it’s just me and I have just not seen a second or third wolf every time I met one with mine throwers…

So, any one else who experienced it?