[Minor weight bug]Weight 'punishment' on one char carries over to the others

PC I7 6700k etc etc

Loading up a ‘stationary mule char’ with in this case 94+ weight, (or any really red numbers) when only able to carry 80, causes that char to, rightfully, get running disabled.

Keeping that weight on the char and switch to another via main menu, they ‘inherit’ the Running Disabled, or the current weight punishment.

It do however clear that status when dropping something, so it’s just a weight check that is missing when swapping chars.

But at the same time it clears the char that carries 90+ weight status, so that char can now fast travel and run until getting any weight check, like picking up something with weight.

So the weight bugs goes both ways.
I tried the different states of weight sprinting or running disabled, and they both behaved the same way.
I didn’t dare to load up to being stuck, so that remains untested

So minor bug due to no weight check/re-check.
I can’t remember it happening before the 3/30 patch?

Showing getting insane weight, and getting other char stuck due to the others weight:

Showing logging again with char that isn’t over the limit… and changing to the ‘too heavy’ char that can run again:

Added some visualization of the weight bug with 2 videos, where I had lo log out between them to be able to move again.

On PS4

I have completed all game content and DLC for Generation Zero. Went to make a new character to play and when entering the world I spawn and am weighed down with nothing in my inventory. I can’t move or do anything, always over encumbered. It would be unacceptable for us to delete our main character to fix this.

Merged threads for this issue.

I’ve worked out that if you lower the total carry weight of the last character you were on to the base value, you can move again on the new character. It’s not ideal but it’s all I have for now. Let me know if this works for you guys.

Pretty sure deleting the character wouldn’t fix it anyway. You need to restart the game. Right now, weight doesn’t get rechecked on logging into another character.