Missing Achievements

I am currently working on my Generation Zero Achievements and have noticed I am missing several achievement which I know for a fact that I should have.

  1. You’re the disease and I’m the cure
  2. Hasta la Vista baby
  3. All out of bubblegum
  4. Go Ahead, make my day
  5. Real Sneaky like
  6. Decimation
  7. Siren Call
  8. Gangster
  9. Gunslinger
    I have the stats for all of them maybe not siren call because it doesn’t show stats for that achievement.


I oversee this game on TA, and without dumping it all here to read - I recommend you take a look under the Achievements section that I put together for its review after I completed it first time. All of the above are all currently obtainable - however they are not as easy as it should be.

Fashionista is currently the only achievement not able to be unlocked due to the tracking in game.

Feel free to add me on XBL - Alias DJA