Missing adrenaline shots on himfjall island

on himfjall island all the adrenaline shots are not spawning in. Is this on purpose or a bug ? Im on ps4 and tried resetting and restarting GZ numerous times and nothing.

Then it means you’ve collected them all.

In the May '19 update: May Update Now Live | Generation Zero

Persistent Loot
Single items - Items outside loot containers, such as weapons and medpacks found at some safe houses, can now only be looted once per player

However, Himfjäll island was introduced in November '19 update and it was erroneously left outside of this requirement, where pre-placed a-shots respawned.

May '21 update (May Update - Patch Notes | Generation Zero) finally fixed it for Himfjäll and all other places, where a-shots erroneously respawned.


  • Fixed an issue where loot pick up status wouldn’t save

All is not lost since you can still find a-shots in loot containers. But a-shot farming, as we know it, has come to an end.

ok i thank you much for the info love GZ and all the devs hard work

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Since there is no issue, topic closed.