Missing exp 50 cal magazine


Please explain what you like to report about.
From the title and the screenshot I would say everything is fine. 18 bullets = 5c exp pvg-magazine.

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It doesnt show the mag on the weapon. Maybe a bug. Try to drop the weapon with all attachments and loot them again. This should fix the missing mag.


Didn’t see that until now.
A very thin red circle…

How does it look like, it you reload the gun?
What if you change the skin?
Droping and picking it up again may help in some cases, too.

Does it happen all the time or randomly?
Does it happen for each quality of the PVG and the extended Magazine?

On which platform are you playing on?

changed the skin and everything, when i reload it just appears and then after the animation its gone again. sorry for the lack of clarity btw, i thought about making the circle thicker

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playing on series s, ill test the other stuff later and let you know

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will do, thank you sir, ill let you know if it works or not

update: tried dropping it, changing the skin, etc. and its still missing, this is also happening to all 50 cals

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Anyone else who can confirm this for xbox or another platform? (haven’t played for some time…)

@Kulspruta58 What about other qualities of the ext magazine or without it? Will a magazine be drawn then?

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I’ve sleuthed a bit and it does indeed look like the magazine model is missing on the Experimental PVG when it’s in regular position. When reloading, the magazine magically appears and disappears.

Well spotted!


no, took the extended magazine off and its still missing, same problem for other qualities

Checked it yesterday on PS5:

Looks ok for me. Used this configuration:

thats the same set up i have. im not having problems with the reload, its just that i cant see the magazine when im just walking around with it. i appreciate the help though

Is it also missing when you dont use that skin?

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Yup, it’s also missing with the vanilla skin…
But it’s barely noticable that the magazine is missing because of the positioning of the hand and especially against dark backgrounds. Best to see it missing is to try to get some light source to shine through that little triangular open space between yourt hand and the PVG90 body.

So I know now that it’s there, or better said not there, but honestly I didn’t notice that for the last two (or so) years and it doesn’t bother me too much. There are difinitely other things wrong in the game that need more attention soon…

My 2 ct. ymmv though

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I checked it this morning, but it’s not missing for me. When I reload I can see it clearly. (PC / Solo)

@Gysbert Well, that’s actually the point, the magazine ist there during the reload animation, but vanishes “magically” after the animation finishes. At first I said “what?” to myself but I checked it multiple times and it’s always the same, the reload starts, the magazine appears for the animation and vanishes again


Aha, I stand corrected.

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