Missing Experimental Ag. Gun

Was playing Gen. O. with my wife last night and we love the game,even with it’s flaws, but one flaw I can’t get past is the fact I go in the inventory of my kill and see my inventory is full and I exit the enemies inventory to make room in mine,to return to loot the enemy and it won’t let me back in there, this has happened numerous times to us,but last night irrated me because I Iost out on getting my Experimental AG. a gun I have been looking forward to obtaining, yes I can get it again I know,but I just feel cheated and hope this issue will be fixed, love the game just don’t want future issues like this to make me to grow to dislike it

This happened to me yesterday when I finally found 6* PVG90 :rage:

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Yeah well just got done playing and signed out of the game because my Special AG went missing and my guy had it equiped thats second one sadly I have lost, so in total since this update I have had three guns just disapear 2 AG Specials fully equiped just gone, then the icing on the cake The Experimental one gone, which I won’t see for awhile, nope I think I am done with game for awhile,becaus I have dealt with companies that use forums to use for “Solution” problems to fix games and they sometimes do work, but most of the time flop because it takes forever to adress problems, it’s a great and beautiful idea, they aren’t adressing serious game issues such as this,and it’s dissapointing, I don’t want cosmectics and emmotes, I want to get on and play not screwed and not even get a dinner first LoL

Heyo, sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Avalanche are addressing all the issues that they can, as quickly as possible. If you want to help, in the future please provide more details about the issue you’re experiencing like the platform you’re on, how to reproduce the bug if possible, stuff like that. There’s this handy template you can use, too.

The devs do not solely rely on the forums to solve issues, it is however a valuable resource where people can assist in reporting them. Many issues with the game have been solved due to it being reported here, and the game continues to improve with the help from this community.

No I get it really I do, emails and such take alot to go through, just sucks,you work hard to just have them just dissapear, you can’t help being frustated and true I didn’t base a platform true, I am on Xbox One, we also deal with a black screen just showing up, black screen and stuff I can work with,but essential items to the game it’s mechanics, like guns? Health pack? Just up and missing? Is a bit more than an issue. As I said it’s a beautiful game, awesome idea,I’m just putting my input in like everyone else not here to trash the game,because I want to play it,I just don’t want to lose my whole inventory before it’s over you know, I hope this game goes far.

By the way thanks for the template that actually does help thank you