Missing filter categories and found locations on map

Platform: PC

While playing co-op with my friend (who is hosting) I have the following issue:

There are a lot of missing locations on my map. For example, I cannot see any bunkers, despite that I have visited them multiple times. The same thing goes for ferry piers and other locations. This also means that it’s almost impossible for me to find weapons, collectables and schematics since I can’t see what has been found in these locations.

My available filters on the map:

My friend (host) available filters:

What is causing this behavior?

When you connect to a host you will only see the locations that the host has unlocked, not the ones you unlocked on your own map.

So if you were to host, then your friend would see all of your found locations, even if he didnt find those locations yet on his own map.

However, if you discover a new location while in multiplayer, that location will also be unlocked in your own offline game.