Missing Love Letter #2

As the title says, I’m missing Love Letter #2 in my logs

I think it should have been at this place !?

The popup ingame says “Sillavik Dumping Station

But as one can see on the map, the icon for “Sillavik Dumping Station” is still in the old place…

Anyone got an idea how or where to find letter #2 ? “Where” if I’m mistaken with the location of said letter. But I can’t really remember picking up a letter at that spot. :man_shrugging:

Thanks in advance

P.S.: I even grabbed the Sledgehammer found at the location and gave the rocks a few whacks… :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:

The whole dumping station was moved. The collectable might still be at the old location. On the map South of where you are, you can still see the red icon of the old location. I suggest you go and look there.

I should have mentioned, that I searched that place first but I couldn’t find the “scene” with the two rocks and the sledgehammer there… :confused:
After that I tried the new location of the dumping station but missed the “scene” at first.
When I found it there was only the hammer, a lantern and some sort of pills. Plus the dead Runner of course. Sadly no letter… :confused:

I will have a look around in new world and report back.

Thanks for that as I have no clue any more where to search

O wait, you talk about love letters, but you show a location for survivors notes.

You should be in the Farmlands. Number 2 should be at -1818, 1565.4

Uhm… ookay… I’ll look that up, thx

It’s in the ringfort (part of DLC) in the Tunnels in the back next to a sleeping spot.

In the tunnel behind the locked door ? Then I’ll have to complete some missions first, I guess…


For me it was the same long time ago.

Yes, if you haven’t done the DLC missions, you need to have the DLC activated, and then pick up a message from uncle Calle at Åsötungan Outpost witch will eventually lead you back to the Ringfort.

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