Missing weapons 2023

Iv lost weapons Experimental. Shotgun. Experimental. 50. Cow. Experimental. Rocket. Launcher. And experimental. Heavy. Machine. Gun. Which Lightning. Came. Out. Of the. Bullets. Missing Tactical equipment eastern European weapons pack resistance weapons pack not happy why they been taken off me

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I’ve moved this to #bug-reports.

But unless you’re willing to provide more information there’s not much that can be done.


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No one is taking off anything of anyone.

Some possible reasons for missing weapons:

  • wrong character selected (try not to use continue, select world and then your primary character)
  • you recycled them accidently
  • you use filters in your inventory… Well, you can’t see them, but the ones on your wheel are still selectable.

Possible reason for missing DLC:

  • using the wrong player profile

Last but not least:
A bug… An currently unknown bug of course.

You should provide more details about your system. And please write… Correct. No dots every word, you know.

Finally you can even send your safegame file to the devs using the official support page.

What information do I need to give for a bug report and no I didn’t recycled them accidently as I’m not stupid and they where there befor the update then yesterday went on it to play missing looked in the box nope not there or dropped them or anything

Accidently… As it says, has nothing to do with stupidy. It happened to many of us in the past. More common was to drop weapons into a loot container (dead machine), but that was thankfully locked some time ago.

It’s an accident. Shit happens. I was just guessing, because these causes often may be forgotten.

What information should I include?
A bug report should include:

  • Summary of the bug
  • Detailed reproduction steps
  • Frequency (happened once, some times, or 100% of the time when steps are followed)
  • Game mode (Host/Client/Single player/Offline)
  • Players in your game
  • Platform (PC or specific model of console)
  • Device specifications
  • Images / Videos (attached or linked)