Missing World Detail

PC, Steam

I often find that in built-up areas, such as major cities, the game stops loading props, bodies, bot wreckages, storage boxes, car engines, etc. I initially thought it had something to do with a bottlenecked RAM or CPU, but it’s been occurring consistently when there’s still been plenty of headroom remaining. Sometimes the world detail eventually loads, but it’s spasmodic at best, which is a shame because the map designers have done a great job revamping blander regions by adding so much static storytelling and character.
I’ve managed to deal with some of this by restarting the game, travelling to the previously sterile location and finding the props have loaded. There could be blood spatters and damage decals surrounding a building, but nothing else until it’s revealed after the restart that there were supposed to be bodies, wreckages and other such chaos. There seems to be a limit though, perhaps linked to a grid, as sometimes half a building will be populated and the other half is completely bare.

Steps To Reproduce:
Run around and loot basically any small town and eventually the world detail stops appearing. Sometimes it takes a while to catch-up.

An example of missing car engines. The cars and surrounding area is also missing a ton of detail, which can sometimes load in minutes later. If there’s a trigger for the detail to load, I’m unsure what it might be. I simply keep walking around until something does or doesn’t happen.

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Windows 10, Intel i7-2600K, 16GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1070

If you notice windows being unbreakable or doors being locked, the return of the gnomes could be close. :sweat_smile:

I’ve had something like this before, only a few times maybe and only singular items though.
Such as the dead Wolf in Norrmyra that’s collapsed over a car, and an engine block failing to load-in