Mission "Beyond The Barricade" Broken (have clues, won't complete)

Mission “Beyond The Barricade” Broken on my save, I picked up the mission from the board, went to the village, killed the nasties, and picked up the two clues. The screenshot I have here shows everything is picked up, but it will not complete. This permanently Breaks the Challenge Achievement as well! :frowning:

Can you guys take a look into this? Thanks!

Yep, this looks weird. I doubt it’s supposed to be this way… Can anyone else confirm this as well? I’m afraid I’m well past this mission unfortunately, or I’d try to replicate the results.

Same here. Same problems like on your screenshots.
We played just a few minutes ago in coop on ps4, i wasnt the host.
When i entered my save in single player to check, i had 0/2 clues in my log, but all of the quest items were already found in the mission items list.

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I recently did a re-run of this mission on PC. I aquired it in Åsö, went to the destination, killed the machines surrounding the area, took the objectives and the mission completed. As far as the mission goes it’s fixed.

This sounds more like a multiplayer/co-op issue, can you make a new bug report about it? Use this template if you want.

Thank you for investigating.
I will do this as you said.

I joined my friend and we did this mission, Beyond the Barricade. He completed it with me however mine said 1/2 in his game. When I came back to redo it in solo, I can see it say look for clues around the village BUT mission items shown • and cassette tape and paper.

It is a broken mission, period.