Mission broken, Minken Bunker, Strength in numbers, and Gas masks dont work at all

Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce: Shoot a runner before the games narative tells you to. A.K.A. playing the game naturally.

Images / Videos: non needed, this is a bad coding/design issue, nothing to see

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Minken Bunker. Apparently if you go into the bunker and do anything before you find the power room, you will not be able to progress the story and the bunker stays locked down. It has me trying to stop the power drain and I had already killed the runner before I made it that far into the bunker.

This is the second main story mission that is broken for me. I now have to wait until the bugs are patched unfortunately. The first one is that the second robot does not spawn during “Strength in Numbers” mission. I cant and do not want to play any more until these are fixed. I dont want to progress past all the story missions and reach max level with 90% of the game story missing.

Easy fix suggestions.
All missions unless completed can be reset back to any of its previous checkpoints.

I would also like to add that if gas masks worked like they do in this game in the real world. Everyone who ever needed to use one would be dead. You dont wear a gas mask to slow your death. You wear one to prevent it entirely. Please fix this and remove all damage caused by gas when wearing the gas mask.

I love this game, but I must wait until its fixed. Can someone message me when it has been resolved?

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I was in a bunker where the gas was killing me [wearing mask] much faster than my med packs were replacing my health, so it was essentially suicide. I couldn’t continue and just had to give up and leave. I thought that was ridiculous and frustrating.

Yeah gas mask doesn’t work and the special clothing with special abilities doesn’t work either like impact resistance or Bulletproof.

I have the same exact issue regarding restoring power in Uttern bunker. I found the bar codes without tracking the mission, went inside Uttern, and now turning on the power doesn’t do anything.

And Uttern bunker is where I found that issue with gas killing you 4x faster, even with a mask and increased gas resistance.

Um, no, it doesn’t work that way IRL either. If you don’t believe me, take a look at MOPP or CBRN gear, both are essentially level 1 hazmat gear, and they are the standard used by actual soldiers in combat to protect against chemical warfare threats. The gas mask itself only protects your eyes and lungs, but skin exposure is still a significant issue. Most nerve agents are still lethally toxic through skin exposure, all blister agents still do rather nasty damage through skin exposure, and a majority of other chemical warfare agents other than proteins like ricin still cause significant issues through skin exposure.

Let’s keep in mind that this isn’t real life, what @Zambrick was saying is basic game logic. IRL a human with a leather jacket, t-shirt, and space shoes can’t handle multiple rockets shot at their feet. Just saying.

Yes, huge bug that has to be fixed asap. If you kill the runner before going into the power room for the next step, you cannot proceed as you need to destroy the runner that you already have killed.

This is the 1980s.

Nobody was using VX gas or ricin let alone the people in Sweden.

The only gasses they would be pumping around pipes like they do in the game at best would be chlorine gas, for water filtration. As far as the gas grenades they are using, they represent tear gas because no sane military person or otherwise would be carrying around an explosively triggered nerve agent on their belts.

Even then its likely something less toxic. And no Chlorine gas exposure to the skin causes no significant harm.

So again this is a video game, you suspend disbelief. Even in a real life scenario, they would not be using a nerve agent as they have been banned entirely by the Geneva Convention well before this games time.

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