Mission Completed - Hunters Become the Hunted


A big congratulations to you all on absolutely acing our “Hunt the Hunters” event! Check your respective store page (Steam, PS4, Xbox) tomorrow for the FREE customization DLC (Available to ALL players, even if you couldn’t make the event).

"Hunters become the Hunted" Event is now live!

It looks like this task didn’t end too well for that guy on the ground there :slight_smile:

Great job everyone! This is a fantastic community to be a part of!


it was a lot of fun


How long is the dlc going to be avail to download?


Where is this on xbox their is no add on added when you go to the game on lives market


The DLC is now available in the store for you to grab! Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Got it about an hour ago for PS4 @Avalanche_Graham - all the apparel looks great! Now wearing the pippitröja, of course :sunglasses::ok_hand:t3: