Mission destroy 15 machines 29

Mission destroy 15 machines 29th July on a base assault mission, ok completed that fine, but carried on to finish the base assault, got right to the end almost destroyed main generator and the game crashed that was over two hours gaming, and when I reloaded the game I lost all the achievements, the base was back as it was. this is not the first time this has happened to me. It very annoying to find you got to start again. Am sure am not alone with this issue.

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Nope. Never alone. Been there, done that. Just traded with someone today who had the similar issue. Game crashed or his power went out and he lost ex. weapons he was putting in or taking out of his plundra box. They went into limbo apparently. Very frustrating. I actually went out and bought a battery pack just for my computer for when this happens.
Or when you lose your internet connection just when you would have gotten the achievement; but now you can never get it cause the mission is only doable once. Very frustrating.