Mission "Flying Blind" Bugged (Xbox)



Steps To Reproduce:

(Pre April Patch)

I opened the inner weapon storage with a lock pick before finding the note and key and now wont finish the mission. I restarted my game and now can’t get the blast doors to even open as they are all locked again. Clicking the power button doesn’t restore power to the doors.

(After April Patch) Still can’t restore power to the doors to get back in and finish the mission.

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Host or Client:

Host, Invite only (Never played co-op, solo only)

Players in your game:

Just me.


Bugged before April 17th (18th) Patch

I am having this issue as well. I had Lock Picked the door before finding the note/key and now I can no longer enter the room to even attempt completion. Cycling Power doesn’t work either.