Mission: Flying Objects - Bug



Steps To Reproduce:

Located Lillå
Found Fredrik’s house
Found the info in Fredriks house, both the newspaper and listened to the answere machine.
Got an update - Go to Ingrid Granquist’s house
Went to Ingrid’s house
Since i entered the area from that location, i knew the door was locked so i went around searching for a key or anything that would help me get the door open.
Interacted with the flowerpot.
Got the key, entered the house.
Listened to Ingrid’s answering machine, read her notes(I didnt pick up the notes until the message was read out). Read the notes.
My mission log still say: Go to Ingrid’s house.

After that i collected the local map and found a phone boot where i got F.Blom’s adress, still can’t complete the mission nor advance in the mission.

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Host or Client: Single player(Offline mode)

Players in your game: Me myself and I


The mission is bugged for me as well. I got into the house by using the key before the mission said to and when the mission said to now I can’t interact with the key. The key is there I just don’t get the prompt to interact with it.

Got the update to search for a key, found it but i cannot pick it up.

I have already recieved it and unlocked the door, so the mission is still bugged.

I can confirm I got the update as well and the mission is still bug for me. no they update did fix one of the other missions I can’t remember which one is it is off the top of my head. basically it was one of them we had to fight machines spawning outside and the runners would spawn randomly and not in that area.

Flying Objects was bugged for me too, couldn’t pick up the key, got waaaay too excited when the patch was released - sadly the update didn’t fix the bug on this quest or the Uttern one for me either. I’ve started the game afresh to see if that has any impact. Not ideal, but feels like we may be waiting a while longer before these quests are fixed.

It will never be completely fixed. I guarantee that.

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Same for me. It says go to the house even when i’m already in the house and found the clues… :frowning: