Mission Flying Objects bug

*Platform:** PC

**Description:** Flying Objects cannot be completed as the mission sub item " search the neighbourhood of Lilla for clues" continues to scroll but also shows are being completed by tick box and I have also collected and viewed the 2 items necessary for completion of this part of the mission.All other parts of the mission show as completed but the mission remains outstanding in my list and is therefore preventing me from gaining the 2 final achievements.

**Steps To Reproduce:** Do not have a second character sufficiently advanced to test this as of now but all other missions on the main island are complete and the final FNIX mission and end game credits have been completed. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game made no difference and I cannot find any solution to this bug online.Purchasing Alpine Unrest and installing and playing it has also not fixed it.

**Images / Videos:** https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005378146/screenshots/


**Host or Client:**Steam

**Players in your game:** 1

**Specifications:** AMD Phenom  II X3 720 2.80 Ghz
Ram 12 gb
GPU RaDEON rx 580
Windows 10 Home