Mission items not going in log

If you complete a mission without picking up all the related items, why do they not go into your log when you pick them up later? the trailer says you are free to explore the world at any pace and direction and that the world will tell the story but if you do it in the wrong order, you don’t get the whole story


Was about to post this, then discovered your post. Had this issue on multiple occasions.
In a game that tells it’s story almost only through items, this is unacceptable.

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The concept has grown on me - discovering the story via investigation of the clues you find. It adds an extra element onto the game that I haven’t seen in any other game. That said, I can see that’s not something everyone can appreciate. I found it frustrating at first, but I’ve warmed up to it significantly.

But the issue though is as described. While we’re supposed to be able to discover the story at any pace and in any order, many of the missions are as you describe or just utterly break and can’t be completed (meaning followup missions become unavailable) if you do things in the “wrong” order. So either we can’t get the whole story at all, or we’re prevented from being able to progress if mission items aren’t picked up in exactly the right order.